Tools Not Rules

I am an undisciplined plinker. You wouldn’t know this reading my books or posts, wherein I often come across like a stickler for the rules. I do tend to get hung up on procedure sometimes in my own work, which is counter to my view of magic primarily as my art. It is what it Tools Not Rules

Magical Intention: How Specific?

Different schools of thought on intent This is a fairly challenging topic to blog about because it is heavily nuanced. There might even be a paradox, but whether or not I manage to draw that out in this post remains to be seen. down to the last detail In this age of increasing spiritual awareness, Magical Intention: How Specific?

Practical Definition of Magic

I have static pages for what magic is in the broad sense, along with what magic isn’t, just to be thorough. I even have a sticky post entitled brief explanation of magic. These are all very short articles, and you probably should review them but for those who are only here for meat, with no Practical Definition of Magic

Brief Explanation of Magic

Here is a short and simplified definition of magic as it pertains to this site and the lessons herein, along with quick commentary on a few essential terms. Magic is, prior to specific definitioins, a threefold thing: More precisely, the phenomenon of magic is any combination of natural, paranormal, causal forces that instigate, preserve, and fulfill Brief Explanation of Magic