Tools Not Rules

I am an undisciplined plinker. You wouldn’t know this reading my books or posts, wherein I often come across like a stickler for the rules. I do tend to get hung up on procedure sometimes in my own work, which is counter to my view of magic primarily as my art. It is what it Tools Not Rules

Real Magic: Lesson Three

These may or may not be your first acts of magic, depending on your experience before finding this course. Some students are brand-spankin’ newbies while others have been tinkering with magic anywhere from a few months to a couple of years. The magical acts below are, at least, the first official acts assigned through this Real Magic: Lesson Three

How I “Teach”

When I say teach, I just mean how I relay technical and directional information in these posts. I am not a teacher nor even particularly wise, but my hope is readers of novice through intermediate level, and perhaps even the advanced student, will be able to take a piece or particle from any content they How I “Teach”