Incantation for Casting Runes

Here is an easy incantation for improving your experience with the casting of Futhark Runes. This can improve divinatory results and generally connect you with both the runes and the Runes. Prior to your casting of the runes and alongside whatever other preparation you like, recite the following: Runes of the ancient tribe I call out Incantation for Casting Runes

Understand runes and Runes

I utilize the Elder Futhark system of runes in order to connect with the eternal Runes. That’s my entry pitch, now what am I on about? It’s very simple. There are multiple sets of letter-systems from Europe known as runes. All the good ones are from Northern Europe – just kidding but the Futhark system Understand runes and Runes

Tools Not Rules

I am an undisciplined plinker. You wouldn’t know this reading my books or posts, wherein I often come across like a stickler for the rules. I do tend to get hung up on procedure sometimes in my own work, which is counter to my view of magic primarily as my art. It is what it Tools Not Rules

Venus and Mars Together Again

Who else is intrigued to have Valentine’s Day on the day of Mars? Interesting, at least I believe. Love and War Aside from Freya and the whole of the Norse pantheon, the mixing of Venus and Mars is typically a drama symbolic of reconciliation or harmonizing of opposites, as with the goddess Harmonia emerging from Venus and Mars Together Again

Real Magic: Lesson Three

These may or may not be your first acts of magic, depending on your experience before finding this course. Some students are brand-spankin’ newbies while others have been tinkering with magic anywhere from a few months to a couple of years. The magical acts below are, at least, the first official acts assigned through this Real Magic: Lesson Three

Supplemental Lesson: Magical Act #2!

Another Magical Act For those Who Can’t get Enough! Magical Acts can be Performed Anywhere, Anytime I’ll repeat this until either it sinks in, or you stop reading because you’re tired of seeing it: Be sure to take a moment to enact your personal magical state before attempting any of these actions. In fact, it’s Supplemental Lesson: Magical Act #2!

Real Magic: Lesson Two

IMPORTANT: Be sure to have your journal handy so you can make notes, pose questions, record synchronicities, etc. The magical act is the fundamental unit of all magical work Work done in magical context is first of all presumably and properly done while you, the magician, are in a magical state, and furthermore is broken Real Magic: Lesson Two

Malachite and Ruby Zoisite

This is a good combination due to the harmony between the frequencies of these minerals. One enhances and expands nicely upon the other, and each is a good subtle energy conditioner that can strengthen and balance your etheric body, aura, and most of the Personal Energy Matrix in general. As this video discusses, Ruby Zoisite Malachite and Ruby Zoisite

Handy Hexagram Intonation

You probably already know the Hexagram is a popular device within planetary magical operations, often used for conjuring (calling enticingly) or evoking (calling with authority) the various planetary powers. Intended initially for only the seven classical planets, the hexagram is both a seal of solar power & authority and a symbol of our soul’s connection Handy Hexagram Intonation

Magic is NOT Spiritual Development

This will ruffle some feathers, and some will insist I am wrong, but the reality of the matter is, quite simply, this… Magic and “Spirituality” are NOT One and the Same! The two may be part of the same broader fields of metaphysics, esoteric studies, and so on, but they are distinct and separate disciplines. Magic is NOT Spiritual Development