Images of Saturnine Spirit?

Investigating Your Own Sorcery Terms get tossed around a lot I know. I use the label Sorcery, I believe in a traditional context, when I attach it to magic specific to the calling, binding, and otherwise working with named entities, spirits, intelligences, and so on. Spirit evocation, angelic magic, even planetary magic often would fall Images of Saturnine Spirit?

Magic by Class and Category

Understanding some basic magical distinctions or… At a glance: what you’re getting yourself into here Magic varies greatly in terms of methodology, philosophy, approach, and application. Both nerds and pedants have toiled endlessly breaking magic down into smaller and smaller subgroups and categories, addressing every imaginable variation in painful detail. I like to keep things Magic by Class and Category

Incantation or Prayer for Zodiac Angels

  Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels   Angels, or angelic spirits associated with the 12 signs of the Zodiac, are among the easier personal or familiar spirits to develop a connection with. While not guardians or guides per se, these creatures have an interest in preserving and promoting the virtues of their respective astrological signs. Hence by Incantation or Prayer for Zodiac Angels