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My Obligatory LBRP

An Adaptation of a Common Pentagram Banishing

You aren’t really a magic blogger unless you publish a tutorial of the LBRP or Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, right? I don’t believe that, of course, but I am posting one of my adaptations of this popular rite for clearing and protecting. First, Bullshit! Let me start by calling bullshit on the idea […]

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Simple Spell for Clearing Unwanted Energy

Variation on an old clearing and banishing incantation.

Most people probably have seen a variation on this one but I add it because it’s a good one and it’s both quick and easy. Use when you want to clear both your person and the surrounding area of psychic debris, detrimental energy, and unwanted entities but don’t want to enact something like the LBRP. […]

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How to Cast a Magic Circle with the Pentagram

Banish Psychic Clutter and Raise the Circle in a Single Motion

[aweber listid=”6622490″ formid=”936554103″ formtype=”webform”] This is a simple method best suited for intermediate magicians but straightforward enough that a beginner can start work on it and learn as they practice. Cast a Pentagram and Magic Circle in One Motion Yeah. That’s what we’ll be doing so, without much ado let’s get right into it. Using […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Protection in Magic: Shielding Yourself and Your Environment

  ‍   Magic is an ancient practice that has been around for centuries. It involves using the power of the universe to manifest your desires and achieve your goals. However, with great power comes great responsibility. As a practitioner of magic, it is crucial to understand the concept of protection in magic. The world […]

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Easy Sigils for Banishing and Clearing

Actually it’s one sigil that can be drawn in different directions or with variant angles to suit many purposes of banishing and clearing. I’ll share two versions that I use for clearing my personal energy matrix of clutter or unhelpful energy and for banishing unwanted currents or beings from a space. Try these two and […]

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