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Simple Magic with Sacred Symbols
By rockhouse wizard Posted in on September 11, 2023 0 Comments
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33 potent magic symbols and operations for putting them to work right away to improve your life or aid others.


The magic of symbols is one of humanity’s eldest, and most potent technologies. Make no mistake – this ancient, once secret symbol magic is alive and well in the current era, being used by social engineers, marketers, global “leaders”, all the power brokers of our world.

With this easy guide you can begin to understand AND HARNESS FOR YOURSELF the amazing magic inherent to basic symbols. Read the entire book in one sitting if you like but use the knowledge gained for the rest of your life.

Simple Magic with Sacred Symbols gives you 33 classic symbols from occultism, magic, and witchcraft with straightforward directions for putting each symbol to use in your life starting right away.

There’s no other way to say it: Using genuine magic is an awesome experience and this is one of the easiest ways online to get you started fast.

Get your copy instantly for only $7!

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