Magic and Miracles. What Truly is Possible with Magic?

Discussion over what magic does and does not make possible are numerous and ongoing. Such conversations range from intriguing and troubling to humorous and ludicrous.

I recoil at notions of magic as only a catalyst for changes in consciousness. Forgive me for ignoring the follow through argument that consciousness is the creator of all else, as indeed the mind is ALL and ALL is mind.

I don’t disagree with the latter stated ideology, but as a realist or, more precisely, a technician, I find such lofty concepts above and beyond our actual reach in practical terms. It may be that consciousness is the fundamental stuff, but the nuts and bolts of magic remain pertinent to the results gained, so let’s save gnosis and revelation for the meditative state and focus on what we can and cannot reasonably get done from the center of the circle or elsewhere in our magical state.

Here is a blurb I just typed into an ebook I’m writing:

One point on the limitations of magic that is too often omitted or avoided is the simple truth that magical operations are able to produce any results otherwise possible in the natural world, but cannot produce results that are impossible in nature or not otherwise found to exist.

Set that aside if you like and let’s at the real question hereabouts:

Are Miracles Possible?

In rare form I’ll skip the blah blah and get to the core of the matter. Let us first ask the obvious question:

What is a miracle?

I happily reject out of hand the standard reply of an occurrence which breaches natural law. Can we agree this is ludicrous? Natural law simply means the way in which the universe and its contents are able to function.

How can we pretend these constants are changeable?

You cannot, regardless of how much bunny fluff you shove up the ass of your guardian angel, grow feathered wings and fly to the top of that mountain. I’ll go even further and say there is no method available by which, without technology and only utilizing your bodily form and other assets (subtle energy bodies, intention, etc.) you may, in emulation of Superman, fly to the top of that mountain.

Opportunity for this endeavor simply does not exist in our universe. I hate to be a downer but I don’t see an honest refutation of this claim. Thus, magic cannot fulfill the desire to fly like Superman in the physical realm.

Certainly, magic will allow such astral projective or soul travel measures to enable the experience of said flight. Hell, even mysticism can crack this one. This is, however, an alternative and not the direct solution sought.

Conversation about breaking natural law, so to speak are beyond useless. Wouldn’t it be nice if animals didn’t have to eat one another to avoid the agony of starvation? Hell yes it would and that is going into the complaint box after this life but it does no good to pine over the matter in the here and now. Let’s stick to less painful and disappointing agendas.

A “Miracle” is Simply a Very Unlikely and Positive Occurrence 

My aunt was stricken with a particularly devastating cancer known to kill off 90% of those afflicted, even with treatment. She is now cancer free.

Miracle? As far as I’m concerned absolutely. I love her and I’m glad she’s still with us.

Did the family’s prayer and the discreet magic of a few of us play a role? I think so but of course could never prove it.

The point here is that 10% of folks do survive this cancer. It’s a thing that can, albeit very rarely, happen.

If Patsy had lost a leg, I do not believe for a second the prayers of millions and the spells of a score of magicians much greater than I would have grown her a new one. I’m very much open to being wrong here but so far as I know the growing of new limbs by Homo Sapiens is not, even in the 10th percentile, a thing that happens.

Am I getting my point across?

Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Ya dig?

Magic may reproduce anything that has happened before or produce anything that will in the future be discovered as possible.

It will not, sadly, provide us with a means for doing anything that is not otherwise found to occur within this universe. Some things simply are not things that actually happen and are only the inventions of imagination. Whether or not such imaginations will ever find a place within the causal proceedings we refer to as reality, in an alternate version of our universe or in the next world, I am not suited to answer.

I hope this helps or, at least, leaves you as confused and confounded as I.


  • Avatar photo Brenner says:

    Well, ok. But answer me this Mr. know it all:

    If a cat always lands on it’s feet and bread always lands butter side down, what happens if you fasten a piece of bread butter side up to a cat’s back? And what would your fancy pants magic do about any of it?

    • I suspect I would perform a solar ritual of some sort to bring inspiration into the life of someone who needs to tie bread to a cat’s back and throw him or her. Perhaps, depending on how the cat is affected or otherwise treated, a bit of Red Power to SMACK some sense into the owner or borrower of said feline. Hard to say really I mean we are in the hypothetical realm, right?

      I would expect the cat to land on it’s feet then dart off somewhere to deal with the bread strapped to its back. So cat’s feet trump bread’s butter. Watch gonna do now?

      EDIT: I definitely DO NOT consider myself someone who knows it all. In fact I know verry little, but am happy to share the fragments of “wisdom” I have gathered from those wiser or from direct experience. If I am proven wrong I adjust my ideology the best I thereafter can.

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