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Magic Spell Key Explained

As of 6/1/23 I started using a simple key of descriptors to outline the nature of any spells I add to the blog thereafter. (Not really, but I could start using the damn key at ny moment… who know, right? So I left this article in place to see how things roll out over the year.) Apologies that any spell posted prior to 6/1/23 will not reference this key. (Perhaps no spell from any timeframe will ever make reference to the key. It could end up as one of those “thought it would be cool” ideas that died backstage.)

What do I Mean by Magic Spell?

Traditionally a magic spell is an incantation or verbal/lyrical expression of magic, either as a stand-alone working or part of a larger formula. In the modern vernacular, however, people say “spell” to reference magical operations in general.

So, a “magic spell” as discussed with another customer at the metaphysical shop, or read about in any number of contemporary books on magic, could be anything from a ritual to a conjuration, divination, or enchantment, and etc. I will refrain from rocking the boat and play along with this generalization. Posts made in the “Magic Spells” category may be any type of magical operation I felt like blabbing about and specifications of clarifications will be made as needed. 😉

When you find a spell on it may be accompanied by the following table: (Unless added prior to 6/1/23).

Name of Spell/Operation
Solo or Group Designation

Explanation of Spell Key Descriptors

The Spell Key uses descriptors rather than symbols to provide users with a brief overview of the accompanying spell. Here are all the descriptors along with their explanations.

Spell Key Headings


The name of the operation will appear at the top of the Key. This will be totally unique for each spell posting.

Group or Solo

Beneath the name you will find the Solo or Group designation. This tells you whether the spell listed is intended for an individual caster or a group of magicians. Group designations will include a number in parenthesis indicating the ideal number of participants, if applicable. Some spells or operations may be useable as both Solo and Group magic.


This heading will provide a brief description of what the spell does or why it would be cast.


If an operation needs to be done at a specific time, whether planetary, elemental, seasonal, or chronological this area of the key will spell out those details.

Here are the explanations for the bold subheadings in the main table.


This will either be designated Ritual Magic, or Natural Magic. In this context these terms are different from the techniques or types of operations bearing the same name, and reference the overall ideology and methodology of the work performed.

Here is an unpacking of the above:

  • Ritual Magic Also known as high magic, this approach to the Art consists of formalized techniques and actions, typically performed in sequence and within a ritual format. For example, a pre-ritual may set up the opening of the ceremony proper, which itself is divided into phases for raising energy, main incantation or conjuration, then climax and finally closing operations. Specific formats will of course vary. Considerations such as timing, location, compass direction, etc. are relevant. This form of magic is always encircled, that is, performed within a magic circle that protects the magician from outside forces of a spiritual nature. the space in the circle is sanctified as outside of normal time and space, wherein the magician learns to sense and direct energy and forces of vari0ous subtle levels.
  • Natural Magic Also called low magic, this set of principles and body of work is more accessible than its ritual counterpart, though perhaps a bit less potent. The “natural magic” of trees and rocks, so to speak, is a stylistic subheading, with which this methodology should not be confused or interchanged. As an overall method, natural magic refers to operations of a simple nature that can be done on a moment’s notice. The core action of this magic is in gathering correspondences to build energy and then directing this energy, via intention and power of the will towards the desired outcome.


This tells you what kind of operation, specifically is listed. Possible descriptors are:

  • ceremony This is a typical format for ritual magic consisting of formal, repetitive techniques used to raise energy and direct powerful forces. Many ceremonies are intended for use at very specific times and under precise circumstances,
  • charm These operations are primarily used to place magic into an object, such as a talisman or piece of jewelry. Spaces and individuals may also be charmed, but such operations tend to be more advanced and will rarely be posted on this blog.
  • conjuration To conjure is to provoke, call, or stimulate energetic currents or forces that are already organized into activity.
  • spirit communion I use this term to specify work focused on the contact of and communication with typically (but not always!) unseen entities from other planes.
  • spirit conjuration More than contact, a conjuration involves the summoning of some intelligent force like a spirit and calling it to the magician, either on the near astral or into this material world.
  • divination This work is about obtaining information that may be unavailable through conventional means. These operations can be used to look into the future, the past, distant places, or alternate realities.
  • incantation An incantation is the operation most correctly classified as a “spell”, this is verbal or written magic, arcana unleashed through words and sounds, chanted, sung, spoken, shouted, etc.
  • projection or traveling Projection of the full consciousness or part of your awareness through time and space or higher planes/dimensions of space. Remote viewing, astral projection, soul travel, pathworking, and shamanic journeys are examples of this sort of work.

I’ll add to this key as needed but for now, there ya go.

Footnote and Apology

In May of 2023 I lost my mind for a brief period and removed dozens of spells from this blog. Like any artist would, I made sure to destroy them utterly so no easy re-installation could occur. I still have them on paper of course, and may re-iterate them here as time allows.

If not, or until then (whichever turns out t be the case) I suppose it’s a new era wherein I’ll add new stuff to the spells category.

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