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What Attributes Do You Need to Begin?
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Lesson Course, Magical Preliminaries on May 25, 2022 3 Comments
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Only two personal attributes are definitely required for magic. You can learn what these are here, but you should read the article on the current page either way as it contains language relevant to the course.

Very little is actually required of you to be considered ready to begin your study of magic. However, of the few items that are required, some are utterly non-negotiable.

It may surprise you to discover that no remarkable psychic abilities are demanded before you may begin studies/practice. You don’t need clairvoyance, epic levels of ESP, and the ability to astral project or travel at will.

Magical operations and psychic phenomena are different from one-another, although many people don’t recognize this fact. For greater clarification on distinctions between the two, check this article.

We are each born with our unique, or at least specific, suite of psychic capabilities and attributes. Such gifts are fantastic talents to work with and share with others, but you can experience and harness powerful magic even if you have minimal psychic aptitude.

Point of note: It is very likely that your inborn abilities will be refined and improved through exposure to and practice of magic.

Attributes Needed to Practice Magic
You don’t Need to be a Purple Wizard Already!

No particular genetic descent, or bloodline, is necessary for your successful involvement with the magical arts.

I just wanted to be extra clear about that. Please don’t listen to proclamations that you must have “witch’s blood” or magical ancestry in order to participate in the arcane ways.

Certainly, a predisposition for magical endeavor or an inclination towards success therein does exist in some families and folk, just as “music runs in” other families or still other families are “boxing families”. Yet so much of what makes for effective magic is practice, evaluation, and experience.

Anyone can be taught the application of magic. Furthermore, training and study will often supersede inherited proficiency over the long-term.,

Your Shortlist of Pre-Requisites

Beyond basic mental functionality, i.e. the ability to read and comprehend this page, and essential soundness of mind, or the ability to distinguish reality from fiction or fantasy, here is all you need to get started:

  • # An open mind
  • # Capacity for honesty
  • # Willingness
  • # Room for improvement
  • # A little time to study & practice, plus the discipline to do so

Here is an expansion of these points.

You must have a mind open to the likelihood that you don’t currently know everything, and that much is possible beyond what you currently understand. Flexibility towards animism, a spiritual realm/reality, psychic ability, etc. is helpful but these can come in time.

The capacity for honesty is important so that you can tell yourself the truth, both about your failings and your triumphs. Furthermore, as magician, know thyself is a central axiom for magical success, you will need rigorous honesty to learn about who and what you are.

Willingness to re-evaluate, work hard, fall on your ass, learn new things, and deal with change is critical to any endeavor in self-development.

If there is no room for improvement within you, then you are either a god or an asshole (or both, as is so often the case; ha!). Either way I probably can’t help you.

Time and discipline are the obvious building blocks of success. If you think not, my apologies for stepping on your fuzzy bunny; now run along and keep pretending to see auras and getting “all spiritual and shit” with those rocks in your pocket.*

Having herein reviewed the qualities you need for magic studies, please check this article for discussion about resources and utilities, i.e. places and tools, etc. that are recommended pre-requisites for practicing magic.

Recommended Resources & Utilities for Magic

If you haven’t already done so, sign up for our online course on real magic. You’ll get a full lesson plan taking you from prelim and prep through your first magical operations.

  • Just to be clear, I have rocks in my pocket as well. I distinguish myself from the fuzzy-bunny types on the simple fact that I’ve spent loads of time practicing in a disciplined manner so I can understand and apply the metaphysics of said rocks to mitigate suffering and improve my life. 😉

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