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Waning Moon Spell: Release Toxic Influences and Detrimental Energy
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Magic Spells, Natural & Folk Magic on July 25, 2022 0 Comments
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Sigil of Waning Moon

During the wane period (after the full moon as Luna recedes towards New) meditate to connect with the Lunar energies and mentally “give” the Goddess your unwanted thought forms, emotional currents, habits, etc. and ask her to remove energetic blockages and spirit infesters. There is a process and a period of time wherein you feel the connection with the moon take shape and become tangible; this is key to the simple operation at hand.

When you submit these blockages, shortcomings, unwanted energy patterns (which of course covers everything here!) and undesirable spiritual presence(s) to Luna during her wane, she will remove or reduce them for you. This may take time and need to be executed over several waning cycles.

It’s a good idea to choose one or two things to offer at first. Concentrating on a smaller target will allow you to see results more quicky and increase your confidence, in turn improving results even more.

For this incantation, do what you do to enact a lunar ritual. The sigil above will conjure the force of the waning lunar tides. Other points to consider are:

  1. Lunar colors include purple, lavender, violet, grays, silver, and black in the case of waning.
  2. The correct direction for addressing Luna from within the magic circle is the West. This is also the right direction for contacting the Spirits of the Air ruling Monday, who are Lunar in nature.
  3. As alluded to, the day of the Moon is Monday/
  4. Check your planetary hours to find the hour of the moon on any day, if Monday can’t be scheduled or you don’t wish to wait. Planetary Times is a great app for this.
    1. Saturn helps the waning Moon in her magical endeavors, so Saturday could be a good time to consider.
  5. Good herbs to burn are Lavendar, Damiana, Spruce, Cedar, and Myrr
  6. Use the Lunar Hexagram (see below) or Six-Armed Cross for evoking Luna.
Lunar Hexagram

Once you contact Luna’s energy you want to be with this connection a few moments until you begin to feel that your magic and your mind are flowing to the rhythm of the Night Queen. Such a connection is very important for any magic that seeks to work with the lunar tides, especially spells like this wherein you will release or gather something within yourself using said tides.

Main Incantation

When you are satisfied with the connection you have made, declare the following (repeat as needed).

Luna as you decrease, so do I, in this way.

Receive from me and take away

All iniquity and stagnant energy.

Dissolve the detrimental and remove any toxicity.

As your face from the night sky recedes complete this magic for me.

Feel free to adapt or adjust this in any way you like. Once you are finished you should feel a definite weight lifted and sense of relief. Be sure to dismiss/banish the lunar energy from your area before walking away from the spell.

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