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Understand runes and Runes
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Runic Magic on February 16, 2023 5 Comments
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I utilize the Elder Futhark system of runes in order to connect with the eternal Runes. That’s my entry pitch, now what am I on about?

It’s very simple. There are multiple sets of letter-systems from Europe known as runes. All the good ones are from Northern Europe – just kidding but the Futhark system I work with is considered a Northern discovery. In addition to the overall systems or suites of characters, The individual characters within these systems are also called runes.

So “rune” refers to a specific kind of lettering symbology and the system that contains such symbols. To add to this even further, the physical pieces of wood, stone, pottery, etc. adorned with these markings and used for various purposes mundane, mystical and magical are called staves but also called runes.

These symbols, much like the letters of the Hebrew and Sanskrit languages, are of a sacred nature. To some this means they are handed down by and associated with the gods and goddesses of European cultures and tribes from the ancient past. Others will say these symbols represent forces of Nature and of Spirit from which they emerged or were derived.

In any case, however you like to state it, the idea is that our runes are the offspring or the images, maybe reflections of something greater. This “something greater” is depicted as form and shape occurring on the causal plane and descending as one or more of the forces that rule our universe.

There are actually many ways this idea can be explained, touched, or illustrated but my point is, the divine or spiritual or causal source of a rune is the “Rune“. When I use a capitalized Rune I’m referring to the something greater, the grand essence-thing that is the power source for all the correspondences and magic a rune-symbol is associated with.

If this doesn’t make sense just keep what you’ve read here in mind as you work with or learn about your runes. This seeking will lead to a gnosis experience at some point.

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      1. Hey sunshine. Didn’t you get shot and killed by Boba Fett like, a long time ago? Come to think… wasn’t that a long, long time ago? Anyhoo I’m the furthest thing from a Crowley groupie. The man was more jackass than demigod far as I know. Terms being just that and set aside, I would like to hear the alternative idea(s) you’re pitching. Not sarcasm, nor challenge. Seriously, lay it awn me Bib.

    1. If that helps you, sure. At the same time I’m not sure it’s fair to reference every notion of archetype relation to manifest as some kind of homage to a mediocre, would-be social engineer we call a “philosopher” – not that you’re being difficult like your romantic stalker in his reply. I believe you just asked a question so please don’t think I’m being rude. Just saying it’s crazy to me how we lump anything after 348 BC that seems to discuss emanation, et al into that Platocentric bag. You are correct in seeing the parallel.