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Tri-Angelic Assembly
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Sorcery and Spiritism on December 26, 2021 0 Comments
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Spiritual Guidance, an Easier Path

Not all magical practitioners subscribe to a model of spiritism or to the notion of guardian angels and/or spirit guides. Many magicians do hold beliefs of this nature, so I think it’s a point worth touching on from time to time.

For many people, it’s easy enough to buy into the idea of spirit guides, guardian angels, and so forth. These same good folk, sadly, often are very dissatisfied with their attempts to communicate with or be aware of the presence of such creatures.

If you’re not a gifted clairvoyant or clairaudient, you may have no way of ever knowing about the spiritual beings sending you guidance and information on a regular basis. Point of fact: the majority of feedback and insight you receive from such sources is likely to come in more subtle forms, including but not limited to:

  • intuition or inspiration
  • synchronicity or co-incidence
  • profound shit the other humans bring to your attention at the perfect time
  • signals from your pets or critter friends (if you’re hip to all that)

It’s actually pretty rare to see or hear a spiritual being giving you clear information or counsel. For this reason, many will ask: just how the hell am I supposed to communicate with, or know an entity I cannot see or hear?

There’s that timeless loop, know a spirit’s name so you can assert at least some measure of control over them, or at least be sure your communications are received by them. Again, how can you get a name if you can’t sense their presence in the first place?

Enter, Zodiac Angels

Zodiac angels provide an easy and definite way to communicate with at least some form of spiritual being that is connected with you. The idea holds that, by reaching out to your zodiacal angel or angels you will:

  1. probably benefit from some direct guidance
  2. be leaving a spiritual message, so to speak, that will be passed along to your individual angels or guides

I like it. I have used a simple tri-angelic assembly for some time now and it works far better than my previous attempts at cornering my guide (the prick).

Tri = 3

Angelic uh, cuz they’re angels

Assembly, I have assembled them into this construct.

To replicate this for yourself, simply find your Sun Sign, Rising Sign, and Moon Sign using any good Astrology book or by doing a Google or Bing search for “Rising Sign Calculator”, and so forth. A quick breakdown on these terms follows:

Sun sign is your primary sign; the mover and shaker of your persona.

Rising sign is a tad complicated, but can be seen as a mask you wear, your idealist personality.

The Moon sign is your secret persona, linked with your subconscious.

Each attribute, linking to a zodiac sign, will also have an angel tasked with looking over those born into its sign and keeping the integrity of said sign. Check out this list on Angelarium.

Zodiac Angels are / are not…

These angels are not typical guardians of individuals, nor are they guides to humans per se. They can and usually will give you general counsel if asked, and will do so in the context of your nature as Libra, Taurus, etc. They are all about keeping their thread stable in the universe, so in return you should strive to emanate “well” at the frequency of their/your sign.

I think you’ll find this exercise (ongoing) useful, especially if you have struggled with spirit guide communication to this point. A more clear grasp of your intuition and of synchronicity related to your inquiries will come quickly. From there, things will take individual turns and twists.

It’s a good starting point to find or make sigils for each of your three, and begin each day with a brief meditation, greeting, etc. to or involving your Tri Angelic Assembly.

Stones like angelite and petalite are helpful, as are blue fluorite, blue agate, and any stones associated directly with your specific signs. Here is an incantation you can use as well.

Try it on and LMK how all goes.

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