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Three Magical Goals
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Magic My Way on September 10, 2022 0 Comments
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Every Journey needs at least One Clear Destination…. so Why not Three?

Way back when I first approached the study and practice of magic, I did so because I wanted answers to basic questions many of us probably have. My questions were not spectacular or brilliant, just the basics like: Is there really an unseen world that affects our daily lives? In time, I had many of the answers I sought, or at least indicators thereof, and my aims shifted.

In fact, my goals with practicing magic have morphed more than once and, I assume, will continue to evolve as I continue casting and seeking. For now, my threefold aim or Three Rewards, are as follows.

Note, these are my reasons for practicing, not to be confused with the Three Treasures you may have read about before on this blog. While most people would assume treasures are things to be sought, like goals, in this context they are actually the processes, or experiences my magical study rests upon, and simultaneously the rewards of studying and practicing.

My Trifold Aims or Three Rewards, are the greater rewards that I can expect to manifest in an ongoing manner for as long as I continue to study and practice the magical art. Without much supporting fluff and in simple list format, these are:

  • Enlightenment – knowledge and understanding of myself, others, and the great continuum of energy and phenomena in which we all have our being, including the Other Realms.
  • Service of Benefit – The ability to help, heal, and mitigate suffering & bullshit for others.
  • Power – This means different things to different people. For me it is the active wherewithal to execute my will upon reality and its timelines & spaces, to the greatest extent possible and with or without regard for the designs of other beings.

That’s about all, y’all.

Subject to amendment or abolishment.

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