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The Price of Magic: What Does it Cost You?
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Practice of Magic, Study of Magic on August 4, 2023 0 Comments
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I’m not selling classes or lessons. I don’t mean that kind of price.

We often hear people say silly things like learning magic will cost your soul, or the price of magic is your sanity. These things aren’t necessarily false, but they are silly.

What do I mean? I’m getting there; bear with me.

Does all magic lead to the devil?

If you want it to, then it certainly does.

What will the serious study and practice of magic cost you, beyond the price of books and supplies you’ll need or want along the way?

Well, what is it you want from the magic? Answer this, and you’ll have an idea of what it will cost you.

For just as input= output, (Meaning the work you put in determines the reward you take out.) so too the demand you make on the magic you seek will result in a personal cost that is equivalent to that demand.

If you want to have fun and explore your personal power, it may cost you many hours per month studying and practicing your art.

If you wish to mitigate suffering and tear success from the clutches of destiny, you should be prepared to shed a few tears and lose a meaningful relationship or two along the way.

If you want the truth about this shit show, what you really are, what you are doing here, and what – if anything – comes next, well my friend, be prepared to pay everything for that one. What exactly is everything? I can’t tell you that because first of all it’s different for everyone and second, you don’t get to know what everything means until you are paying it.


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