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The Waning Moon is Not "Weak"
Luna is Weakened During Her Fall or Detriment but Not Her Wane.
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Planetary Magic on October 11, 2023 0 Comments
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I could probably let it ride with just the title and subtitle, but I’ll elaborate a bit.

Recently, a few times in fact, I have encountered older writings that discuss the moon in her “weak” state or phase. The writer is referring to the waning moon, or two weeks after the full moon when Luna decreases into her New phase.

For the most part I think contemporary magicians are hip to the fact that there is nothing weak about the waning moon. This is simply one half of her nature.

Whereas a waxing or full moon is ideal for gain, manifesting, healing, and any magic of productive value, i.e. adding to or increasing, the waxing moon provides opportunity for the opposite sort of work. Rather than leave it as terms like decrease, removal, elimination, etc., allow me to give a few examples of good magical objectives you might align with the waning moon:

  • Removal of unwanted spirits from the home.
  • Cessation of some undesirable habit.
  • Ending a relationship, be it business or pleasure oriented.
  • Decreasing an enemy’s protection or resistance to your strike.
  • Decreasing an enemy’s potency in their attack against you.
  • Restricting the odds against you in any endeavor.
  • Being invisible to the police on a long drive home.
  • Taking momentum away from a manic co-worker who is stepping all over your toes.
  • Removing the desire of a hopeful romantic you aren’t interested in.
  • Reducing your own interest in something that is distracting you.
  • Pulling away the veil that keeps you from seeing what you need to see about yourself and where you are right now.
  • Removing writer’s block.
  • Peeling a poverty mentality off yourself or another.
  • Reducing your resistance to financial or other gain.
  • Taking away sickness or pain.
  • Dissolving a partnership.
  • Destroying.

You may have noticed, the waning moon goes well with Saturnine objectives.

Depending on how you handle the philosophy of governance (of planets), you might also use the wane to work magic dealing with loss or decrease in general. What I mean is, some magicians take a subject matter approach to these things, and would use the waning phase to deal with a scenario where something has been lost, even if the operation they perform is one of gain or addition.

This “subject-matter” approach is actually a pretty popular methodology. I focus more on the inherent energy when possible, thus I stick with decrease and diminish movements when working with the waning moon.

I can’t say anyone is right or wrong because people get positive results with both ideologies. You have to get in the water to see for yourself which way things flow for you.

At any rate, I hope this helps any newcomers who have been corrupted or tempted by the “when the moon is weak” rhetoric.

Luna and her influence may truly be weakened when she is in her detriment (aligned with Capricorn) or fall (in Scorpio), but even this is somewhat nuanced. Alas I am but a simple conjurer and must leave discussion of these latter states to the astrologers in our midst.

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