The Magical State Briefly Explained

What do I mean by magical state?

A Magical State (sometimes M. State or simply M. hereafter) is the condition of unified mental and physiological high performance the magician intends to enter or create in order to undertake magical operations. The circumstance is one of clarity, adaptability, and prowess in all areas of function, as mind and body become One inseparable process.

M. State is quite like the alpha brain waves state. Discovered by Hans Berger in 1929, Alpha waves are slow yet high amplitude neural oscillations (various rate at which the brain vibrates – forgive me neuroscientists of the world, for I am but an ignorant beast doing my best to discuss your fancy-pants scientifical observations.); Alpha waves are measured at between 8 and 12 Hz and they produce a state of alert relaxation, characterized by ease of information processing and articulate creativity alongside optimal physical performance and coordination.

This is the “flow state” or “Zen” of the musician and athlete, wherein the individual can effortlessly express himself through actions that might qualify as challenging feats under other circumstances. I liken this condition to the Zanshin of the Samurai warrior, or the shamanic state of consciousness practiced by the indigenous spiritual leaders in remote parts of the world. You have experienced this process many times, whether you know it or not.        

For most people, the first few minutes after waking up from a good sleep is an Alpha period. The blissful exhaustion that follows a great workout, the thought-free, perfect elation emerging approximately 60 seconds after orgasm, especially if you’re with somebody you genuinely love at the time, and even that mildly euphoric and hyper-aware classification known as “fight or flight” can produce the Alpha rhythm of the brain. 

M. goes beyond the Alpha state, involving the introduction of subtle energies and currents and potentially fields of intelligent force. While it shares altered states of consciousness with the shamanic state, M. is of a magical and not mystical orientation.

Induce or Enter M. State

Obviously if we had to await the spontaneous occurrence of a magical state we would rarely get any magical work done. You can choose when and where to initiate M., thus having it readily available when you wish to undertake practical or esoteric magic.

Three methods I recommend for creating M. are:

  • Meditation and focused intent
  • Affirmations and excitation
  • Psychoactive substances

Mindfulness meditation, breath awareness, etc. can be combined with or followed by intensely focused determination. The idea here is to reach a flow or steady state and then push off that and begin your work, entering magical state via the Will in action.

Affirmations, practiced often are conducive to the timely creation of M. “I am wizard blood”, “strong magic lives in me and it demands expressing”, and similar statements can get results. Music, dance, sex, or working out are examples of excitation you might add to your affirmations when you need to induce M.

Finally, it should be obvious that consuming products like Marijuana and Silis Iben will produce their own M. States quite reliably. The issue here is whether or not you can focus and direct the state produced by these strong substances.

Simply practicing your magical motions, routines, and so on will in time develop a knack for attaining M. “Practice often” is a favorite motto of mine for this very reason.

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