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The Magic of Doodling
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Introduction to Magic on January 16, 2022 0 Comments
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A picture can channel abundant emotional and magical energies into any type of project. They can be drawn in a formalized, ritual setting or just sketched out and colored anytime, anywhere as long as you can enter a magical state.

One whole segment of my personal system of magic, I call “doodling”. It’s a process I love, so was a no-brainer to bring magic – which I also love – into the mix.

As a child I recall being struck by a short-form cartoon about a boy named Simon. In the intro, part of his little diddy went: “You know my name is Simon, and the things I draw come true.”

That tune and the lyrics play in my head involuntarily as I sit down to doodle. Pretty sure I switch out the names (mine instead of Simon.) 

I use doodling as a precursor for many of my operations. At times, a doodle can be a complete operation by itself. This is really about using the emotion and flow of art, directing that energy into magic.

This is quite effective, and I highly recommend at least a few experiments. 

Regardless of what an actual picture appears to be about, the true meaning of your drawing, painting, etc. can be linked to a magical intention by a simple act of your will. As you raise those trees onto the page, money is built on the astral and begins the journey towards you. That pile of rubble along a castle wall is the imminent weakening of your enemy and soon he will be defenseless against your magic. The clouds reflected on a pond or lake are the messengers who carry your feelings to a loved one you wish to improve communication with. And on and on it goes

You don’t need to be a good artist, as evidenced by the sample above. All you need is the ability to FEEL your work and move those energies with your willpower.

I sometimes apply the same approach to sigil magic. I just make the lines and circles or whatever and use my feeling and subtle energies to create in thew flow, as I go.

Here’s a sigil I use all the time, which was created in this manner.

The top scribble is the sigil of a familiar spirit. The form on bottom is my previously doodled sigil for channeling. The channeler can be applied to planets, elements, memories, etc.

What other ways can you think of to apply the concept of Doodling Magic?

Think of these steps:

  1. set a firm intention
  2. begin your preferred doodling method (pen and ink, crayons, etc.)
  3. harness feelings as you work
  4. direct feelings and any other energies that emerge into the art
  5. decide as you go what each intentional movement means, and thus what the work as a whole symbolizes and applies to
I hope you’ll try this out. Have fun with it. Magic need not always be grim and somber and serious. 

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