Different Types of Magic

I’ll make a confession to you right at the top of the page: This article is a piece of “obligatory content”, which means I felt it was one I had to write for the benefit of others. In truth, my own, internal classification of magic is much looser than what you are about to read Different Types of Magic

The Three Treasures of the Magical Initiate

Three Models (That Don’t Work Out) for Explaining Magical Mechanics In modern occult philosophy the term model is used to describe a paradigm for magical practice, wherein an attempt is made, however tentatively, to explain the mechanism driving the actual magic. At the time of this writing there are actually at least five models in circulation, with The Three Treasures of the Magical Initiate

Saturn Before Thursday’s Sunrise

I sat in the half-light this morning as the sun approached the horizon from the far side. During this hour of Saturn, just prior to the dawn that brings forth the hour and day of Jupiter, I contemplated the concepts of restriction and expansion. Would the soul be found there, between those two forces, just Saturn Before Thursday’s Sunrise