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In the Middle Ages English speaking magicians kept journals for recording the proper "spellings and grammars: of the various operations, spirit names, and so forth within their art. The books eventually came to be known as grimoires and were filled with ritual descriptions and spells, or magical operations that relied heavily upon incantation or verbal performance. these days a "spell" can mean just about any form of magic one wishes to "cast" into the causal planes in order the effect reality in the desired manner.
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Magic Spell for Wisdom to Rule

Calling on the Favor of the All Father for Wisdom and Authority over the Rule of your Own Life

This is a good spell for Thursday, especially at sunrise or the eight planetary hour of the day. It can also be used to great effect on any other day, upon the hour of Jupiter. Colors of deep or royal blue and medium to dark purple will help cast the mood. Aromas of Cedar, Juniper, […]

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Improving Early Results with Magic

Some people take to magic like a goblin in a cave or a fish to water, while other are befuddled and confounded in the early days. There are many reasons for this and an entire book might be written solely on the topic of how to assess and improve results during your first year of […]

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Quick Spell for the Truth and Honesty

Here’s a great one for newcomers to experiment with and really get a feel for the power inherent in magical work. It’s furthermore a useful spell for magicians of any experience level. While it is intended as a self-enchantment or magic you cast over yourself, I have heard of modified versions of this very incantation […]

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Incantation for Casting Runes

Here is an easy incantation for improving your experience with the casting of Futhark Runes. This can improve divinatory results and generally connect you with both the runes and the Runes. Prior to your casting of the runes and alongside whatever other preparation you like, recite the following: Runes of the ancient tribe I call out […]

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Synchronicity Serendipity, Again

Serendipitous Synchronicity Take Two Sometimes we know we need magic but can’t figure out exactly why or settle on just what kind of magical work we should go after. On these occasions and frankly at any other time, it can be productive to simply cast (magic) for good fortune, revelation of what’s next on our […]

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Serendipity Synchronicity

When You Know You Need Magic but You Don’t Know Exactly What Magic is Called For It’s not uncommon to know your life needs a spell or sigil or hell, even a ritual and just not be sure exactly what to cast or call down into manifest reality. At these times, and honestly at any […]

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Easy Sigils for Banishing and Clearing

Actually it’s one sigil that can be drawn in different directions or with variant angles to suit many purposes of banishing and clearing. I’ll share two versions that I use for clearing my personal energy matrix of clutter or unhelpful energy and for banishing unwanted currents or beings from a space. Try these two and […]

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3-Step Method used to Build Any Spell

Learn and Apply these Three Simple Processes to Create Spells of Every Kind and for Any Purpose! There are many different types of magic and a variety of forms, or methods for applying magical intent. In this Golden Age of Magic where a magician has access to every culture and system from the pages of […]

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Experience the Truth of Magic Through The Modern Eclectic Esoteric Tradition!

Learn Privately at Your Pace and it’s Free! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!  

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Real Magic: Lesson One

The primer for any magical work is understanding and being able to enter the correct, altered state of consciousness. Here’s the least you need to know.

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