Synchronicity Serendipity, Again

Serendipity and Synchronicity

Serendipitous Synchronicity Take Two

Sometimes we know we need magic but can’t figure out exactly why or settle on just what kind of magical work we should go after. On these occasions and frankly at any other time, it can be productive to simply cast (magic) for good fortune, revelation of what’s next on our path, or just a happy accident to inspire us.

Serendipity loosely means everything falling into place in an ideal way. Synchronicity is of course a reference to events occurring just as they are needed or aligned with ideas or intentions we spontaneously develop. This combination is no less than exactly what you need when you need it, in accordance with the agreement of your Soul, Higher Self, etc. with Spirit, the Divine, the Ancestors, Cosmic Law, or whatever you call the Powers that Be.

Charoite is a great stone to carry with the intention of increasing synchronicity in your daily life. You can also use charoite to enhance this simple incantation.

Place your charoite in front of you, along with some selenite or apophyllite to amplify and enhance its effect; if you don’t have either of these enhancers use clear quartz.

Focus on the two minerals and Will the fates to bring you the inspiration, insight or event(s) you most need to elevate you magically in the near future.

Repeat the following incantation as a chant or song to build energy for your spell.


Grace me easily.

I can’t wait to see

What’s in store for me.


How joyfully

Anticipating thee.

What will your next gift be?

We’ll sing and dance so free

and shake the blessing tree!



I call and conjure thee

You answer me

and our group of three

Shall carry on with glee


[Repeat as desired]

When you feel it is enough stop the chanting or singing and pick up the charoite. Holding it between your thumb and index finger, tap the crystal three times with the index finger of the opposite hand.

Say “I carry the magic away with me.” as you close the operation and get back to your day. Keep the stone in your pocket for the rest of the day and then place it on your nightstand (or similar) where it shall remain for three rotations, or the next three times you sleep and wake.

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