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Supplemental Lesson: Magical Act #2!
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Study of Magic on February 12, 2023 One Comment
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Another Magical Act

For those Who Can’t get Enough!

Magical Acts can be Performed Anywhere, Anytime

I’ll repeat this until either it sinks in, or you stop reading because you’re tired of seeing it: Be sure to take a moment to enact your personal magical state before attempting any of these actions. In fact, it’s a good thing to enter a magical state prior to even reading below if you can. Use this method to reach a state of magical being, or use any method you prefer. BONUS ALTERNATIVE: If you wish, you may check out this sigil I constructed to assist readers in attaining the magical state.
Terminology and Trivia:
* A sign represents something. A sigil is an official mark, or sign that carries magical power. A seal is a sign that has some intention or magic sealed into it which can presumably be released under the right circumstances. The symbol above could aptly be named either or all of the aforementioned “s words”.

Magical Act #2 Creating a Balanced Field or Charged Field of Equivalent Polarity

A Balanced Field is a type of charged field, which in turn is a concentration of subtle energy that holds one or more particular frequencies and emanates a desired effect. Charged fields can be used to affect space-time via a set area of physical space, whether local or distant to the magic user or they can be cast forward (or elsewise) into a timeline, for instance to impact a future event. Also known as the Charged Field of Equivalent Polarity, this magic is often used upon the magician and his or her immediate workspace and is applied to harmonize and bring to balance the masculine-feminine, yin-yang, or god-to-goddess energies within said area. This condition of relatively equal presence and potency between the divine male and divine female represents and influences the harmonized relationship of all opposing and complimentary forces, such as up and down, dark and light, hot and cold, love and hate, peace and war, and ad infinitum. The duality here referenced is, of course, a key fundamental to our experience of this reality and the phenomenon we casually refer to as “life”, i.e. the sequence of events transpiring between our birth and our bodily death. There is no front without the back, no brightness without shadow, no good without evil, and so on. It should be apparent, then, how a sturdy connection with and sound relation to this core duality is important to and will benefit magical working, both within the context of specific tasks and as a generalized whole. At simultaneously a deeper philosophical level and an immediately practical level, duality always refers also to the twins of flesh and spirit, also stated as matter and energy (practical version), or (esoteric version) physical and etheric. Here is the great dualism (even duplicity if I’m honest) of the human being, the conundrum of the mind that seeks understanding. True Understanding, as granted by that opulent and terrible Mother-and-Father, Saturn, is the gnosis or realization of our dual nature, the knowing-in-action that we are BOTH the body and the active essence, just as we have our being in a world or state that is BOTH physical and ethereal. To grasp this firmly and hold it close s you navigate this life is to truly become proficient in the art of magic. One of many examples of where and why to apply this Balanced Field is at the onset of a magical operation. By example, many magicians perform this technical act just before or soon after raising their magical circle.

Use any meditation, chant, breathing exercise, etc. to calm yourself fully, and then use the sigil exercise in this lesson or the standard counting down method to achieve your personal magical state. Thereafter, focus upon the target wherein you shall raise the Balanced Field.

An easy and effective way to create a field of balance is to chant words or names associated with God and Goddess energy, and to do so in balance and symmetry. For example, OM Shiva Shakti OM addresses both the divine masculine and divine feminine and encapsulates both between the OM sound, thus their presentation is one of balance and the sound is symmetrical in nature. You could also chant AUM Shiva Shakti AIM, less symmetry of sound but more technically accurate if you channel both AUM and AIM correctly. Here’s another equilibrating chant, laid out i its entirety and ready for you to use: RA (rah) MA (mah) MA RA RA MA RA MA RA MA RA MA MAAAH RAAAH RA RA RA MA MA MA RAAAH MAAAH MA MA MA MA RA RA RA RA MAAAH RAAAH MA RA RA MA Can you see and hear, even feel the symmetry involved in this chant? Think or emote man, outward, force, forward, penetrate when chanting RA. Think or emote woman, inner, yielding, backward, receive when chanting MA. To further intensify the experience, vary the pitch and volume from high to low and back as it feels correct to so do. For example: RA [loud] MA [soft) MA (very quiet) MA (whisper) MA (silently) RA (normal volume) RA (raised voice) RA (shout) RA (low tone) MA (high tone) or MA (low tone) RA (high tone) Experiment until you hit the variation that feels quite right. Performed with emphasis, determination, and the proper intent of manifesting a perfect balance in the world, the 10-line chanting sequence above will balance the energy of a room, workspace, vehicle (and perhaps thereby the journey in progress) and can even be used to target a person or span of time. This work has many practical applications. Try it on your work or study space, or on your person, and record your observations thereafter. The esoteric benefit of this activity is nothing less than ongoing rebirth. for as the divine male and divine are brought into union, it follows by law that such union must produce a child. Initially this offspring is the state of balance or equilibrium, but at depth you must consider: The true child of the sacred union of God and goddess within you is indeed you reborn in the perfection (harmony) of their likeness. Tell me you don’t love this shit. 🙂

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