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Solar Initiation
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Magical Initiation on June 9, 2022 One Comment
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The rising, travel, and setting of the sun have always been significant events within occult framework. Clearly, the emergence of the solar beacon from the eastern horizon is an obvious symbol of a new beginning.

Therefore, anyone who likes may initiate or re-initiate the magical journey by simply getting up early enough to watch the sun rise. Enjoy the spectacle of it, and include any meditation or ritual you see fit.

A very simple initiation by the rising sun follows:

Material Components

  1. One white candle
  2. Optionally, solar sigil, seal, etc.
Solar Symbol

Wake up while it is still dark in order to watch the complete process of sunrise. As the light breaks the horizon, light your candle and intend that it shall represent the simple and true beginning of your magical studies, or the renewal of the same. The candle burning away to nothing is an event that, like all others, begins, proceeds, and finally ends. So it is with both your initiatory moment and your practice of magic.

This simple ritual, and your study of the arcane, will begin, carry over a finite period of time, and come to an end. Bear this in mind as you watch the sky become ever lighter as the sun comes into view and breaks free into the morning sky.

Magical initiations are often used as a time for choosing or receiving through inspiration your magical name. Consider this if you like, or let the issue wait for another time; this is your call.

When ready, say this chant to the solar spirit:

Shamash. Utu. Ra. Sol. Helios. YHWH (ee yah oh way) Elohenu.

Light of heaven. Light of earth. Seated above the highest and your glare penetrates all depths, even the abyss.

Behold. Shine upon my becoming, for I am become, walker of the ways of magic until my days are done.

Let it be. Light upon me. Here I go, magically.

Repeat as you see fit. Alter in any way you wish.

Ideally sit until the candle is done. You can, if needed, leave the candle to burn itself out once you’re satisfied with the initiation.

Go about the rest of your day, week, and onward. Forget about this little ritual and let it do its work through your unconscious mind.

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