Sigil or Seal for Entering Magical State

Symbols can be powerful magical triggers, and to demonstrate this I’ve included a special seal in today’s lesson.

  • I ask that you close your eyes for a moment and deliberately release all tension from your head, neck and shoulders.
  • Then feel tension in your torso and hips, and consciously let this melt away.
  • Feel your weight naturally settle underneath you. When this happens properly you will feel as if you are sinking comfortably an inch or so into the ground beneath you.
  • Blow most of the air out of your lungs and imagine stale and unhelpful energy pouring out of you as well.
  • Take a slow and deep breath in through the nose, knowing you are bringing in vital and potent energy with the air and holding when it feels right to stop the inhale, pausing with lungs full or air until it feels right to exhale.
  • Evenly and without rushing breathe out through your mouth, as deeply as you breathed in. Again, experience detrimental energy like psychic debris leaving your body and aura. Pause briefly while there is still a bit of air left in your lungs (don’t breathe it all out, I mean.) and repeat this inhale-exhale process two more times, for a total of three. This cycle is known as a cleansing breath, and three repetitions can do wonders for clearing blockage and trouble while adding power and clarity to your being.
  • After three cleansing breaths, but before opening your eyes, become aware of your mind’s eye, or third eye, which can be felt slightly above and between your eyebrows – you will sense it quickly once you raise your eyes (still behind their lids) toward that area and become willing to experience this energy center.
  • Remaining focused upon this spot above and between the eyebrows, and in a deep tone, chant OM (pronounced the same as home); one repetition should sound out for 3 to 5 seconds. Make the OM chant from one to three times, going with what your intuition suggests. By this, I mean without bothering to think it over, just “OM” once, twice, or three times as you feel would be most correct for you. It’s OK f you chant more than three times here, whatev.
  • Now, open your eyes and gaze softly, without forcing any kind of focus, into the middle of the symbol below. Relax your gaze, remaining still centered but seeing the full image. Sit with this for a moment or two.
  • Finally, intend to push your awareness, your mind, into and beyond the physical image and into the energy field from and through which the sign, sigil, or seal came to be.* Dwell in the space of that formative energy for another moment or two.
This sigil I seal with the gift of a magical state of being and awareness.

Are you in a magical state? You should be at this time if you took the preceding exercise seriously. That said, it is possible the sigil process didn’t work for you, and if this is so don’t be discouraged. Everyone is different and it may either take some more practice or a different method for attaining M. You can try the sigil again or go here for another method. Just be sure to get there before actually performing any of the exercises hereafter!

Terminology and Trivia:
* A sign represents something. A sigil is an official mark, or sign that carries magical power. A seal is a sign that has some intention or magic sealed into it which can presumably be released under the right circumstances. The symbol above could aptly be named either or all of the aforementioned “s words”.
Terminology and Trivia tables will be used to define words and concepts, cover historical accounts, and so forth.

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