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Sigil Magic: Intro Rebooted
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Sigil Magic on October 30, 2022 0 Comments
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It seems like forever ago, but I made a post introducing sigil magic to this blog, then just drifted further and further away from the topic as the months went on. I’ve added some (I think) pretty good stuff on crystal and gemstone magic but just never really got back to the sigils, aside from a couple of useful blurbs.

I’ll let you check out my previous intro to sigils if you like and won’t repeat all that info here. In this post I’ll dive right into the metaphysical mechanics of sigil magic.

How does Sigil Magic Work?

Seal of a Mercurian Intelligence above a channeling symbol.

Metaphysics of Sigil Operation

A magical sigil is a symbol that corresponds to a specific magical effect, or to your clear intention to create a magical effect. You might have a sigil on your desk at work that is connected to the ideals of concentration and efficiency, for example, so these attributes become part of the environment and are easily tapped into. Or you may wish to improve your concentration across all areas of life, so you decide to create and activate a sigil for this purpose.

A magical sigil holds, like everything else in the manifest world, its own vibration or frequency that acts upon or within the reality of which it is a part. It may also be a sign or set of instructions to your unconscious mind, and to unseen forces and entities who in turn act in accordance with these directives.

Metaphysics of Sigil Creation

When drawing or creating a sigil, the paper or other medium you are drawing upon (wood, graphics editor window, etc.) represents both infinite possibility and the physical reality, or the world where we have our physical being. Right away you’re up to the elbows in pristine duality, in terms of magical philosophy.

The tools you use, whether pen or mousepad, are as magic wands or staves channeling your magical intention. The symbol you create is the spell you cast, ferrying your intent and will to the formative spheres where the journey begins, and flowing, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly, down through the ether and into the light of manifest reality.

What Symbols do you Use for Making Magical Sigils?

Any symbol you desire and find appropriate for the effect you will create may be used in your sigil magic. Some symbols have a natural impact on our psyche, due either to their base nature or use over the centuries for a particular purpose. You can and should also draw from your intuition (literally!) and come up with new-to-you symbols that match what you will to be. It’s very difficult to go wrong here, and generally the only error to make is being untrue to your intuition and desire.

How do You Actually Use These Sigils?

Sigils can be displayed in the setting of your choosing either to be seen and thus trigger desired magical/unconscious response or to emanate the vibratory effect intended. There is, quite hilariously, some controversy over this approach but I won’t honor it with any attention here.

Another method is to destroy the physical form of the sigil, thus releasing its unseen counterpart, the true Sigil, unto the formative worlds to begin enacting your magic. Burning is a popular and potent method of releasing a sigil, as the fire of transformation and passion are always great catalyst energies for magic. You might also choose to bury a sigil, allowing the Earth to fertilize and prosper your magic. You could send it downstream along the currents of a nearby creek (into the living waters of renewal), or shred it and loose it to a gust of wind (the winds of change).

Choose a method appropriate for your situation. Of primary importance is: once the sigil is gone, so too shall be your thinking of the matter at hand. You must let go, RELEASE your intent and grand plans, allowing only your unconscious mind to there dwell. For it is the non-conscious part of you that knows well how to interact with causality and the creative agency of the universe, and your conscious mind will only slow things down or trip them up entirely.

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