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Sigil for Serpent Power
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Sigil Magic on February 11, 2022 0 Comments
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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Serpent Power, Serpent Force, Kundalini, Shadow or Inner Dragon, Fire Serpent

These are but a few names for the broad and distinct categories of “serpent magic” found in Hinduism, Kabbalah, and myriad other systems. There is more to this than tending to the column of force that rises through your seven centrifugal chakras. Masculine psychic power, mastery of the unconscious (in multiple applications), and psychokinetic energy are a few examples that go beyond the Kundalini (typically feminine) mist people are familiar with.

The nature of these manifestations of the Serpent or the Dragon are a topic or topics for one or more future articles. Below is a sigil that can be used by the practitioner of any serpent-oriented magic or mysticism to enhance connection, attain gnosis, and refine power within said art.

Serpent Power Sigil

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE AND USE DISCRETION: This sigil is directly connected to a spiritual being called ASTAROTH. This intelligent creature is alleged by many writings to be demonic and does have a dark aspect or agency. With appropriate personal protective measures this is a safe magic to work with, but not for the novice. THIS SIGIL IS NOT AN EVOCATION OR INVOCATION OF THE SPIRIT, but it does draw upon the energy and specific purpose / wisdom of the being. Use if you feel comfortable and have the skill to so engage, but realize there are many alternatives online if you aren’t confident in this situation.

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