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Seven Chakras
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Personal Energy Matrix on July 4, 2022 0 Comments
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Seven Chakras and the Bolt of Lightening

In this current age of mystical literacy and magical cognition, most folks are familiar with the seven (main) chakras. These “main seven” align with your spine and proceed from the perinium to the top of the skull. Each of these energy centers deals with multiple aspects of being human that essential to and synonymous with metaphysical wellbeing and mystical ideology.

Quick clarification / refresher before we continue. Most writers describe chakras as wheels of force, centers of energy and/or consciousness, etc. that govern specific areas of life, correspond to certain elements and planets, and connect us to the various levels of spiritual awakening.

I’m good with all this, aside from the fact that it’s just a little more complicated than I’d prefer to be, in the event of a newcomer to the idea reading my explanation.

While chakras are areas along energy meridians or pathways that circulate, clean, and collect subtle energies (ether, astral substance, etc.) and vital force (life force, i.e. prana, ki, etc.), for practical purposes – that is from the perspective of tapping into the chakras and reaping their benefits – we can think of a chakra as a focal point over a specific area of the body whereupon we may meditate or concentrate in order to gain access to the problems, properties, and powers governed by the chakra attached to the point of focus.

Let’s Stay in the Simple

I apologize for any laxity or overemphasis in my writing up to this point. To maximize the potential for success, it is ideal to use the broadest and simplest language available any time we deal with the Personal Energy Matrix, or the collective fields and currents of energy:

  1. from which the quanta and atoms, et al that make our physical form emerge
  2. that connects us to the “higher realities” or “upper worlds”
  3. which together form the vehicle that carries our soul or central connection to all other aspects of our being
  4. comprised of the aura, astral body etheric double, meridians, and more, including the complete system of many minor chakras and 7 to 14 (depending on school of thought) major or primary chakras

Vital Energy for All Purposes and

Graduated Levels of Consciousness

The seven main chakras consist of specific energies to cover the full array of human experience and potential advances in mystical and psychic development, from physical survival and strength to making friends, artistic creation, looking into the future, charming another or conversing with departed loved ones. The best way to connect and communicate with your seven chakras is relaxation and simple meditation, followed by exercises specific to individual chakras.

I recommend my short work 7 Chakras in 7 Minutes, available in paperback and e-book. This booklet can be read in one sitting and the exercises within are designed to get results.

Below is a very brief and basic overview of each chakra, beginning with the base and working upwards through the crown.

Base Chakra

Found at the bottom or base of the spine, this chakra’s energy is that of raw and vital essence. Being alive and in this space, particularly grounded and part of the earth, are integral to the base experience. Survival, safety, procreation and abundance, strength, immovability are other keywords for this chakra.

Sacral Chakra

Find this chakra between your genitals and belly button, as seen in the image above. Movement of all kinds, from physical to emotional and spiritual, characterize the awareness governed by the sacral chakra. Pleasure and joy, connections to nature and to other living beings are also hallmarks or expressions of the sacral energy. Be adaptable and soft yet unstoppable – like water.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This center radiates from your center, below the sternum at the top of your abdomen. The solar plexus gives a fierce aliveness beyond mere survival and into the domination of one’s personhood and daily affairs. Consume to digest or to change what lies in your path, you are the fire at the center of your life’s experience or purpose.

Heart Chakra

Directly behind your breastbone, over your physical heart is the home of this chakra. Here there is true and unbiased compassion and love for living. This is the unstruck chord of all your potential, born of the desire of your soul or center. Free and expansive like the air around and above us all is the experience of the heart chakra.

Throat Chakra

All communication is governed by the chakra in your throat. This includes verbal, body-lingo, and spirit communion, such as with guides and angels. The throat center is the source of expression and the processor of both truth and deception. This is also the center where ether is drawn into the aura and body with each breath, to be processed by your personal energy matrix as various subtle energies you use for magic and mundane purposes.

Third Eye Chakra

Above and between your physical eyes, the third eye is the eye of the mind and the vision of spirit. This chakra aids in psychic development and is crucial for magical focus. It is the center that corresponds with OM.

Crown Chakra

Here in the center of the top of your head is the chakra of union with god. This is the place you connect with when meditation has fulfilled its task and brought you to the realization of ONE. Silence and honest seeking will also bring you to this center.

Not Even an Introduction

I realized pretty quickly that the topic at hand, i.e. the human chakra system or experience, is way beyond my ability to just casually address, especially to a reader who is unfamiliar with the material. But I did what bloggers do… I finished my post and hoped for the best.

Western magic does not require a study of the chakra system, but I believe this is mainly because our (Western) approach to the study of human energetics has been largely lost to time, destroyed by the Vatican or forgotten as oral traditions are when no initiates remain to inherit them. I firmly advocate an ongoing study of the chakras and practical application of this understanding within magical work.

You can get a really fast, effective hands-on experience of all seven chakras in my 7 Chakras in 7 Minutes paperback or e-book. It’s designed to be an immersion-by-doing process that sticks with you and propels you into progress.

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