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Set Your Intentions in Stone
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Sigil Magic on October 2, 2022 0 Comments
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You’ve heard the term “set in stone” used many times, and now you can actually do it with your goal or objective!

Basic Sigil for Power Drawn Upon Stone Paver

More than a Catchy Saying

One of the very cool things about magical practice is the opportunity and the ability to explore the true power of words. That’s a much bigger topic than what I want to explore in this post, but it’s cool to take a casual saying and turn it into a causal agent.

When we say a thing is “set in stone” we generally mean it’s unchangeable or unavoidable. What a great way to look at a magical intention!

Magic that MUST Become Reality

Think in terms of your Will being unavoidable, unstoppable, and immovable. Create a sigil to represent whatever you are working magically to achieve. Place this sigil onto stone, concrete, brick, etc.

You can use garden pavers, stone or pottery coasters and floor tiles, field stone, flag stone, natural rock you harvest yourself, or anything else of similar composition you are able to get your hands on. Magic markers, paint markers, brush tip markers, or paint sticks are good for rough surfaces, but you can probably use pen or fineliner for some of the smoother mortar items, if you prefer.

This is an operation that calls upon Elemental Earth so any mudras, mantras, spirits, or spells that help ground and solidify your being and intent are desirable first steps. When placing your sigil onto the stone or similar, feel the strength and stability of the medium you’re using and transfer this sturdiness onto your magic by way of intention and vibration.

This incantation may help:

Into this stone I cast my Will.

With my intent the future I seal.

Immovable my magic is and shall be.

My command is pure and perfect causality,

Play with this and always record your findings to improve future operations.

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