Serendipity Synchronicity

Image by limonakis from Pixabay

When You Know You Need Magic but You Don’t Know Exactly What Magic is Called For

It’s not uncommon to know your life needs a spell or sigil or hell, even a ritual and just not be sure exactly what to cast or call down into manifest reality. At these times, and honestly at any other time you like, you can cast for serendipity and synchronicity, or the right circumstances to come into your life at the right time, leading to the right result for your happiness, learning, adventure, or whatnot. Enter your magical state and sing/chant the following incantation by itself or along with your favorite enhancements.

Serendipity Synchronicity

Come and sing with me

Set my fortune free

What is good will be

Serendipity Synchronicity

Only you can see

What is best for me

Now I conjure thee!

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