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Saturn Before Thursday's Sunrise
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Occult Philosophy & Magic Theory on December 2, 2021 0 Comments
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I sat in the half-light this morning as the sun approached the horizon from the far side. During this hour of Saturn, just prior to the dawn that brings forth the hour and day of Jupiter, I contemplated the concepts of restriction and expansion.

Would the soul be found there, between those two forces, just as the Sol dwells there at this hour? The notion feels truthful, but what precisely does it mean?

Are such tides as the weak nuclear force that binds our atoms in place and electromagnetism that provides the core physical energy for the sustainment and growth of our bodies, be representatives of Saturn and Jupiter? What about gravity and dark energy, in their cosmic tug of war that determines whether the known universe is expanding or contracting? Time and space?

I’m clearly no physicist, and probably botched the rhetorical question. I’m convinced, however, there is something here in this sleep-deprived little musing of mine, and as insight shines the ray of gnosis upon the matter I’ll surely report back.

Mostly I just wanted to share the thought and say THAT, my friend, is what I love about this Work, this practice of magic. Never-ending are the tiny and elusive glimmers of something far greater than I could have ever conceived of when I began this journey.


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