Sacred Space or Special Place Truth Revealed

Now that we’re getting to the business of performing some magic, I should spend a word or two on where it’s best to do this sort of thing. You will need some special space that can be made magical.

Do you Need your Own Temple?

You’ll hear and read much to-do about “sacred space” in the vernacular of contemporary magic, typically with emphasis on sanctifying a room that will be used for nothing other than magical training and ritual. It’s a fine idea and one that I espouse; nothing but magic and mysticism take place in my temple room or, as I like to call it, my study. This may not be feasible for every aspiring magician, and I say no worries. The idea of a chamber or space set aside by the solo and secretive practitioner exclusively for magical endeavor appears to have emerged in Renaissance grimoires. Many, perhaps most, of these poorly constructed tomes are little more than glorified journals following erratic streams of consciousness and failing to organize concepts at a modern 5th grade level. They lack both internal and astute collective philosophical consistency. * These magical textbooks of the Middle Ages were the purview of the clergy, noblemen, and merchant class, i.e. individuals of high social standing or at least access to abundant resources, for whom excess rooms and space were readily available.

* The two statements preceding the asterisk in the table above are but my own lowly and unrefined appraisal of most medieval grimoires. I dare say I’ll be roundly corrected by those sagely and erudite magicians who have affinity with the systems outlined in the same grimoires I am here slandering.

In reality, any space can be made sacred, or specially attuned to magical work, by
1. Intending to make the space sacred.
2. Regularly practicing magical/mystical things within the space.
You can initiate this process by clearing the area with burning sage or juniper, burning one white and one black candle, verbally declaring “This space now becomes mine, magical, and magnificent!” and meditating for a few moments. I recommend an area you can confiscate for periods of time and be alone and undisturbed therein. It’s really this simple so don’t allow the pretentious among us to dissuade or discourage you from pursuing magic simply because you don’t have loads of spare floorspace amid these trying economic times.

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