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Runic Gnosis through Sigil Magic
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Runic Magic, Sigil Magic on September 1, 2023 0 Comments
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Futhark Runes are part of my go to magic, meaning they naturally emerge during magical work or provide inspiration for new operations. I’ve always felt a connection to the Runes, from the first day I saw a bag of casting stones 30 years ago.

Rune vs. rune

An important distinction I like to make is between the runes, or symbols drawn on paper and stone to convey meaning or magic, and Runes (capitalized), or the cosmic forces represented by the symbols that make up the alphabet.

We use the runes to connect to the Runes, where the true magic resides. The runes are potent tools, while the Runes are causal and sustaining agents that participated in the creation of our universe and continue to contribute to its evolution and maintenance.

Runic Gnosis

This term holds different meanings for different magicians. I like to think of it as a connection going beyond language and even organized logic, wherein ne touches the essence of the Rune and is given insight power, guidance, and so forth in the very direct manner we magicians call gnosis.

Gnosis is understanding in action form. It is knowing a thing without being able to articulate it yet having the ability to apply the understanding in an active manner.

It should be obvious how this experience can benefit a magician. Understanding a concept as the energy flows through you towards a desired end but not knowing how to put your grasp of the thing into words is an apt description of spontaneous gnosis in the midst of a spell or ritual.

Scrying and/or Sigilization to Explore the Runes

One good way to attain this sort of connection to the Runes is to scry into the individual symbols, or gaze into and through a symbol with first your physical eyes and then your mind’s eye or third eye as it is called.

This is as easy as it sounds. Try it.

I like to go a step further on this and first “convert” my rune to a sigil, then scry into that sigil. Here’s an exercise/example you can jump right and see why I recommend this practice.

Begin with the rune symbol for Gebo, a Rune with many powers and meanings attributed to it.

Literally translated Gebo means gift, and the contexts derived from this root word are giving and receiving, the individual acts of bestowal and reception, plus the fluid interchange of energy between two sources. This can be a sacrifice and what is gained from it, or the symbiotic exchange of energies during magic.

The deeper truth of this Rune also speaks to the duality of spirit and matter and the relationship of body and soul. In planetary magic Gebo can represent the linkage between Sol and Saturn.

                                                                                                              Converting Gebo to a Sigil

First write the rune/Rune name in English (or your chosen tongue) and then use your preferred numerology to convert the letters to numbers.

Gebo using Pythagorean Numerology becomes 7,5,2,6.

For this Rune I would choose the planetary square of Saturn to make the sigil, though you could use the square of Sol or another plant if you wish, or even the sigil wheel. Here is the name Gebo transferred to numbers and drawn out in sequence on the main square of Saturn.

                                             .      From here you may scry into or through the sigil. Be sure to make notes on the experience.



























































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