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Rune Spell for Gnosis and Magical Enhancement
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Magic Spells, Runic Magic on February 17, 2023 0 Comments
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Rune Spell for Gnosis

and Magical Enhancement

This is a very simple esoteric magical operation (or magic spell) using only three runes that will give your overall magical experience a boost. Use it as a stand-alone exercise for improving your psychic and magical fitness, then use it to sustain these improvements. You can also use it to “charge up” prior to any other ritual or folk magic.

A couple of definitions from above before we continue:

  1. Gnosis mystical state or experience of knowledge wherein, often outside of verbal formula or foundation, one can quickly ascertain knowledge and/or receive profound insights about either a specific situation or even a big picture, so to speak.
  2. Esoteric Magic is magic done for the sake of magic, perhaps for the joy of the caster but often to explore mystical realities or to build psychic and/or magical skill and power


Only the intent to succeed, a quiet place to work undisturbed, and your choice of pen/marker and paper or card stock. If you also have a set of rune staves or runes painted or carved into small pieces of material… keep those in the bag, you won’t need them for today’s magic.

As already mentioned, this spell is esoteric in nature. Skill level needed is basic or even non, meaning a total newbie can finish this procedure and (with practice) get results.


Magical Procedure

Use your preferred method for aligning mind and body in a relaxed state, and then harmonizing further by affirming your intention to make strong magic. If you are new and don’t have any go-to methods or just want to try something different, check out this easy and potent way to streamline your magical state.

Once you feel ready sit with your paper (at least a standard size 8.5 x 11) and follow these instructions:


First draw the rune Eihwaz (above). As you do so chant the name Eihwaz (eye-hwah-z) in the tone and rhythm that feels strong for you. Visualize yourself as a powerful being able to travel with ease between this reality and the spirit world. Once the symbol is completed, chant or sing the incantation for this Rune, shown below.

Write the incantation out alongside the rune. Take your time and focus intently on what is being stated.


I am.

I who am have one foot in this world and one foot in the Unseen Realm.


Draw the rune Ansuz (above). As you do this sing or chant the rune name Ansuz (ahn [like on]-suz [like Susie]). While you work acknowledge, then contemplate the truth that Nature is an intelligent being, just as our Universe is intelligent, has emerged from some sort of divine intelligence. Indeed as the Hermetic principle says “All is mind”, i.e. all of reality is a vast intelligent web, OR everything is taking form and moving out of form within the vast mind of God. As with the previous step, write out the incantation next to this rune, also stating it out loud and with emphasis if you so desire.

Mind. All is mind. Mind is the ALL.

I am one with the Mind of All and I share in the mind and eyes of God.

Write the incantation out alongside the rune. Take your time and focus intently on what is being stated.


Now draw the rune Mannaz (above). Sing or chant Mannaz (mahn-ahz) as you work, imagining and affirming that you are a powerful wizard destined to be as marvelous and irresistible as the great Merlin, Cercis, Cerridwen, or Osthanes. Write the incantation as in the two prior steps, focusing your intent on REALizing the truth of what is being written.


Now chant the names of the three Runes you have made with force and enthusiasm. Repeat three times:


Boldly exclaim the following

“I am a great and terrible magician. My power truly is unleashed, and my beautiful magic will – I WILL – change the world for the better in my image!”

Repeat as many times as needed to believe it’s a true statement. Next, go into the world and make some lovely and badass magic, but go easy on them at first. 😉

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