Requirements for Magical Spell Casting?

What do you need to start casting magic spells, performing rituals, and so forth?

The answer to this question may vary widely, perhaps even wildly, between experienced magicians to whom it is posed. I feel like anyone who responds with a complex answer is either trying to sell you something, or they’re a tad insecure and trying to come across as important and profound with their lofty take on things.

In Simplest Terms, only 2 Requirements Need be Met.

In order to successfully perform their first magical operation, a person will need basic cognizance and competence. This is to be lucid, engaged in reality and not delusional. with just basic mental functionality, without serious handicap.

Beyond these two initial points there are only two other things you must have, and you can develop both in short order.

  1. A clear and fixed intent which shall be the ultimate aim of your operation.
  2. A unified and altered state of mind and body conducive for the flow of magical energies, or the ability to enter such a state at the present time.

Here I am referring to what you will come to know as 1. the Will and 2. the Magical state. Click the highlighted links if you need an explanation or two. A basic understanding of these processes is all you need to proceed with confidence.

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