Real Magic: Lesson Three

IMPORTANT: Be sure to have your journal handy so you can make notes, pose questions, record synchronicities, etc.

Magical Operations: The Work that Drives Your Practice

Magical operations are the spells, rituals, and talismans that form your magical practice.

If magical methods and techniques of magic are the nuts and bolts, then magical operations are the work, constructive or destructive, of your magical practice.

Lesson 2 covered, exhaustively in fact, the concept of magical acts, breaking the same down into techniques and operations. It’s a clunky breakdown that includes sidenotes on methods and beliefs and touches lightly on the idea of different kinds of operation. While perhaps necessarily clumsy, this categorization is sufficient for getting you through our little course and squarely into the midst of that magical life you crave.

In fact, this entire course has the single aim of getting you up and running quickly. I don’t want to show you how smart I am by rambling at you for months. I think it’s bullshit to give students a year of menial work before they become “worthy” of practical operations that can enhance their lives.

So while this site admittedly doesn’t offer the most formidable course in terms of fundamental training, or even the most comprehensible (as in understandable, that’s not a typo for comprehensive) I am proud to say – and I believe this to be true – that our humble course can get a newcomer to magic up on their metaphysical feet and successfully casting spells faster than any other courses on magic that I have reviewed.

Pardon my tangent. Let’s get to the lesson!

Components of Magical Practice – Brief Review

You may recall from the last lesson a brief outline I added to provide a sort of bird’s eye view of magical practice, or the component parts thereof. Here’s a truncated version of that bullet list:

  • A Magical Paradigm, or your beliefs about what magic is and how it works, possibly including ethical considerations, will inform how you actively practice and study.
  • Magical System(s) will be learned, adopted, sometimes joined, or devised based on the paradigm, and these are the methodologies and approaches that encompass the specific work. Examples include named systems like the Golden Dawn offshoots, generic methods such as “ritual magic”, and programs you eventually create yourself.
  • Magical Operations are spells, rituals, charms, etc. you apply to shape your world.
  • Performance of an operation consists of a sequence of Magical Acts.
  • These acts are built upon methods and practices.
  • Techniques create and make possible your practices.
  • Concepts lead to ideas, which become techniques. Concepts also form the basis of a paradigm. So we’ve drilled down from the top to the very bottom of what magical practice is and doing so has led us full-circle right back to the start (Because concepts lead also to paradigms.)

As you can see, near the bottom of the list techniques and methods are used to build more and more complex magical activities, which are combined to form full operations. Examples of basic magical techniques include grounding and centering, tracing of the pentagram or hexagram in the air using a wand, and even visualization.

Techniques are layered and performed sequentially in order to produce desired results, and this compounding of methodical acts or techniques culminates to form a complete magical operation like a spell or charm. A spell is an operation heavily reliant upon an incantation, or magic words aimed at causing a specific effect on reality, while a charm is a spell, ceremony, or both designed to install magical capabilities into a target, usually some object or group of objects.

A good example of a simple operation (which I won’t be teaching today) is the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP hereafter), which is a simple act for clearing energy of a non-helpful or inhibiting nature from the magician’s Personal Energy Matrix and immediate vicinity. This act is often used prior to larger rituals but can be employed any time the user desires. The LBRP consists of clearing, grounding, centering, invoking of elemental forces, vibrating (type of chant) god names, and other techniques, all of which are magical skills and actions learned and developed through practice.

The basis of the LBRP is the technique of tracing a pentagram in the air to represent some part of the caster, then charging or piercing the pentagram using the hand or wand with the intention of banishing unwanted energy from the targeted aspect of the magician. This is repeated and combined with other techniques, such as invocation of angelic forces, chanting power words, and the Kabbalistic Cross, (all of which could be stand-alone acts used for some specific purpose) to form the overall procedure or operation.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Active Practice of Magic Equals Skill-Building

I’ll take time to remind readers of this frequently, as its importance cannot be overstated. Magic as an artform or active method for succeeding in your life (or both!) is an expertise, or high-level skillset based on multiple and varying smaller skills and sets of skill. Quality study habits (or skills), high standards for personal performance, repetition volume and precision, along with time and the liberal exercise of skills learned are needed to excel here. Some people don’t like to be reminded of this or just don’t want to hear it in the first place but I urge you to treat magical practice as you would anything else at which you wish to excel.

Think of anything in life you’ve had to learn and work to get good at, whether a sport, video game, selling method, computer program, being a romantic partner, raising & owning happy dogs, and on the list goes. It sometimes sucks to acknowledge, but life in general is a learning process and it takes lots of practice – and failure – to succeed on any level.

I think it’s Jason Miller (and forgive me if I’m wrong) who says “There is no magic magic!” in an effort to drive home pretty much what I’m saying here. This of course is a derivation of Walt Disney’s quote: “There’s no magic in magicIt’s all in the details.”

Too many young people have this lame-ass idea that “it’s all about the intention” and they can just fuzzy-foo away with no technique or understanding and sort of, “use the force” after smoking a big joint and BOOM their whim is the task of reality. Uh no.

Enough Review and Ranting.

Let’s Make Some Magic!

For today’s hands-on lesson, I have chosen a very simple operation that nonetheless brings a powerful experience. It includes many basic mechanics of a typical operation and is laid out in outline form, making it easy to refer back to later when crafting your own magical workings.

The magical procedure below is presented, and should performed, in a ritual or ceremonial manner. Ritual magic is great for the beginning student because the involved steps clarify a good deal of what is taking place in the unseen realms, so there’s a close proportion of cause to effect. This naturally assists the student in forming concepts and therefore unconscious models of how their magic works, all of which cumulatively builds prowess and power with continued practice.

Do not try to perform this (or any other) operation as you read along! Instead, read over each operation thoroughly, as many times as needed to memorize it, and imagine yourself going through each step of the procedure at least once prior to actually executing the work.

Operation #1 Remove Fear from any Individual

This banishing procedure will drive out spirits of fear and neutralize energy patterns and currents that manifest fear in the subconscious. The work can be aimed at any individual, including yourself. It has thus far mainly been tested on humans but there is some evidence to suggest it may also work on our critter friends (at least the mammalian ones).

Many spiritual, New Age, and personal development authors and lecturers have suggested that only two states of active consciousness account for the whole range of human response to life on Earth. These two states are, in the words of proponents of this idea, love and fear.

The former is the mother of all compassion, self-love, decency, right action, humility, et al while the latter, fear is responsible for all hateful acts, greed, abuse, etc. and to the lesser end of the spectrum, is the culprit of such issues as jealousy, passive-aggressive behavior, dishonesty, and myriad other wreckers of relationships well known in our society.

I’m not totally convinced the human psyche is this easily dichotomized. At least I’m not sure such a black & white view is accurate. I do think it’s true that fear is the root of MANY of the problems aforementioned, certainly enough that any work aimed at removing this ugly, destructive emotion from the human energy field is noble work indeed that can massively improve the life of whoever receives such magic, along with the lives of those close to this recipient.

An easy and obvious choice then, was this operation for the first taught in the course. I wanted to give you something meaningful and highly useful right up front.

Disclaimer of “Black Magic” Fair warning then: many schools of magical thought like to throw the term black magic around (in general) especially in the context of working magic to affect another person without their permission. Even healing, these folks tell you, is a breach of ethics without the target’s direct permission. Implied consent is no good and proceeding with anything less than the individual’s blessing is some kind of magical sin or means you must wear a black robe from now on at the sorcerer’s gathering.

I have so much to say about this kind of virtue-signaling and brow-beating, but space is limited. The first point to make is that, while the “error” of helping another without their consent is debatable, it’s clear that telling someone else what their ethics need to be is a little jacked up. Haven’t we seen enough damage done to cultures around the world by organized religions that entitle themselves to tell their followers what to believe is right and what to believe is wrong? Furthermore…. nuance ya’ll (or yo, for the more urbane reader)! Situations and circumstances will differ from case to case, so let’s not get all blankety outside the obvious few like rape and murder.

You must ultimately decide where your line is and when/if to cross it. I’m not your priest nor your bartender so won’t offer unsolicited advice on morality (Unless you’re an asshole towards me or another in my presence, at which time I might offer suggestions.) I also commit to you here and now that I will not intentionally or of desire lead you to an act harming another.


Remove Fear Procedure and Accommodations

  1. Material Components
  2. Preparation & Setting
  3. Clearing the Space
  4. Cast Your Circle
  5. Main Procedure
  6. Incantation
  7. Clearing & Closing

Material Components

  • Selenite wand or at least medium crystal
  • (Ideally both of these crystals but one or the other will work.)
  • Rose quartz polished or raw, medium size
  • Dried sage, most people prefer white but green will work also.
  • Tray for burning sage and lighter with charcoal.
  • Object to represent the individual you will target (remove fear from). If casting for yourself, you are this object. For another, this could be anything from a doll or drawing to represent the person, or a photo. a personal belonging, or part of the individual (hair, nails, etc. keep it simple no blood or fingers please)
    • Chalk for drawing circle
    • Charoite stone
    • Wand
    • Elemental markers such as salt for earth, water for water (duh!), candle for fire, incense for air, or suite of crystals each representing one element.

Preparation & Setting

Enter your work area and place any materials you will use near but not exactly in the center of the room, for you will sit or stand in the exact center. Standing or sitting, take a moment to feel the atmosphere pf the place.

Is the air heavy or light? Do you detect the presence of any colors or sounds that you can’t see or hear with your physical senses? Do any of the four elements seem to want your attention more than the others?

Set a powerful intent to work powerful magic today and hold this intent in your third eye or mind’s eye, just above and between your eyes. Perform your choice of relaxation meditation or similar exercise to begin shifting your consciousness into a magical state.

Clearing the Space

When you are ready stand in the center of your area, facing the east where the sun rises, and proclaim: “Hekas Ekas Este Bebeloi!” do this forcefully and imagine your words pushing all unwanted energy out of the space. Point to the ground beneath you and trace an equal-armed cross (like a giant plus sign) there using your wand or pointing finger; first trace the vertical bar from top to bottom, and then the horizontal bar left to right. Say with authority “Purifico! Exitium!”

The commands above are simple banishing magic. Hekas Ekas etc. will clear the mind and vicinity of unhelpful or lurking frequencies and make contact with “heavier” energies, setting them up also for removal. The cross form is specific to clearing and banishing energies and spirits and the words Purifico and Exitium mean purify and destroy/remove. These words will grow more potent for you with each use.

Notice the atmosphere again. How is it changed from your initial assessment?

Cast Your Circle

(For most work you can do one of the encircling steps below. I’ve added them both here to give you a running feel of them.)

Literally Make a Circle

You can choose to cast a visualized or energetic circle like the one you practiced in Lesson Two, or you can draw a circle on the floor using your chalk. Unless otherwise stated, always begin your circle in the east. For an area circle or circle seal, which sanctifies a workspace for magical purposes, theoretically separating the area and all within from the space-time continuum of the material world, trace or draw clockwise.

Outside of ritual a circle can be as little as three feet. For ritual many people will prefer nine feet but six, even seven, will do and I am referring to diameter, although you can go big and use these numbers as radius measurements if you have the space.

While you are forming the circle around you with wand, pointer finger (if tracing in the air) or chalk (if drawing on the floor) hold the intention of removing fear from your target. State the intent silently and then visualize the person you are helping in a joyful and relieved state.

Circling by Quarters

After drawing or tracing your circle and ending up facing east again (cuz you went in a circle) you will call or mark the quarters of the elements beginning with air in the east and moving to the right through fire, water, and earth. If you have props or markers to represent the elements set them out along the perimeter of the circle at each appropriate step below. (I’ll remind you in parenthesis.)

  1. Facing east proclaim: Spirits and powers of the air, protect the magician and empower his/her work! (light incense)
  2. Facing south proclaim: Spirits and powers of the fire, protect the magician and empower his/her work! (light candle)
  3. Facing west proclaim: Spirits and powers of the water, protect the magician and empower his/her work! (set cup of water down or sprinkle from fingers)
  4. Facing north proclaim Spirits and powers of the earth, protect the magician and empower his/her work! (set tray of salt down or sprinkle)

Now or at any time in the future if you do not literally make a circle and use only the marking or calling of quarters, hold and visualize your intent as instructed above. It is important that you always express your intentions and impress the circle with them before working.

Main Procedure

If doing this for another set your targeting object (picture or drawing of this person, bit of their hair, personal item of theirs, etc.) on the floor in front of you. Gaze hard into the object for a moment, then relax your gaze and use your willpower to make a connection with the person you aim to help. Make an effort to feel his or her presence as if they too were in the circle with you. Decide and declare the object before you will represent the person perfectly and transfer all magic to them when the spell is over.

Examples: Let this pen be Ronald here and now!

This brush is as Judy’s presence with us!

As Gomez, so be this penny!

Here the hair of Angela, so too be her agency and being!

If you are working this magic upon yourself, pay attention to your body and any sensations, then try to notice yourself paying attention to your body. Say boldly: In the center, here am I!

For the following steps you will either work close to and around the representative object or around your own body and aura. I will use the word target and you act according to your situation. For instance, this may mean moving a wand along the outline of your object, or it could be tracing an outline a few inches from the skin around your own body, to the best of your ability.

With the firm intention of driving away all fear and providing healing relief in the process do the following. Recite the incantation below the following list as you work.

  1. Move the selenite along the outline of the target, dissolving thoughtforms of fear, and then point with the crystal into the centerline of the target as you draw a sharp line from top to bottom to drive out any fear spirits attached to the person targeted.
  2. Light the sage and smudge or outline the target allowing plenty of smoke to flow over it. Place the sage on charcoal or just in the pan and be sure it is burning away.
  3. Place the rose quartz against the middle area of the object and visualize it burning with a brilliant pink plasma-like fire energy patterns of fear.
  4. If you have the charoite hold it to your chest or over the target object and visualize purple and watery currents of energy washing over and into, ultimately through the person you are helping, carrying away the unwanted energies. Then see the purple energy become very heavy, attaching itself to any fear elements left, and fall fast through the ground below and into the center of the Earth. Immediately forget about these steps and imagine a column of white light falling from above onto the top of your head and washing through you and deep into the Earth below before vanishing. (If you don’t have the charoite just visualize all this without it, perhaps originating from your heart center or spirit guide instead of the stone.)


These first three lines are recited with their corresponding numbered motions above.

  1. Dismantle and dissolve these fearful thoughts and like, and own from him/her/me ugly spirit of fear I strike! (repeat as you like.)
  2. Smoke and magic of this sage repel the evils of this age drive from this person to me dear all remnant and residue of fear! (repeat as you like)
  3. Oh love, more potent than any fear ignite and compel from this heart all sad and sickly demons of fright! (repeat as you like)
  4. Wash away the darkness that remains. Bury deeply in the earth and cover all the stains. (repeat as you like)

You will notice, in the steps and words of the incantation, a certain sequence of elemental correspondence or reference. First the selenite for spirit, sage for air, fire of love, then water and finally earth are represented to a degree with (or without) the charoite in step four. The elemental connotations within the incantation are abundantly clear.

This, I refer to as the Elemental Ladder or Descent of the Elements, as it is simply the movement, in terms of magical energy and actualizing of intent, from inspiration or spirit down through each denser and denser stage or element until, at last, we reach earth, representing the manifest. This is an important concept in magic and will be covered later in the course or at least elsewhere on the blog.

Raise the thrill of victory, of success as vividly as possible until you feel the warm glow of it in your chest. Hold this until it becomes a nearly overwhelming sensation. tears of joy would be wonderful but let this be genuine and don’t force things to this point. Focus a bit more on the relief your magic has brought to you or another and impress this deeply into the fabric of the causal force by tensing your muscles until they tremble (as if pushing your success into the fabric of creation) and furrowing your brow as if fire were bursting from your third eye and into the unseen realm with your final command.

Then as fully as you can let all of this go. Let your purpose here fade from you and dwell only upon and within the moment at hand.

Clearing and Closing

Release any emotional or physical energy you have built up. Say it is done, or so mote it be, or just thank you, as you wish. Erase or untrace your circle from the ground or air i a counterclockwise motion. Command firmly: All unseen agents here present now depart onto this work and in peace, doing so with my thanks and until I call again, when you shall answer.

If you wish to meditate do so, otherwise leave the work area and get on with your day.

Forget as Completely as Possible

This can be quite a challenge, but your success with magic depends significantly on how fully you can release thoughts and ideation regarding the work once it is finished. It’s really important to forget about your work and the related desires as quickly after performing the magic as possible, in order to:

  1. Free your unconscious mind to work on the issue without the hindrance of conscious involvement.
  2. Leave magical energies to circulate and magical forces to work, all without the interference patterns posed by a clinging mind.

Some experienced magicians, including Phillip Cooper have recommended initiating a minor magical action following important magical operations to get your focus off of the latter. A good idea, though honestly, I sometimes find I am incapable of labeling any work as minor, and other times I would struggle with which operations to consider “really” important. My own OCD-necessitated spin on the idea of “diversion magic” is to simply cast and charm often, so I always have the next piece of work to do and can’t effectively linger on much at all.

In Peace Ye Depart

I hope this content serves you. At this point in the course material, a beginning magician is almost certain to have read more material than he or she can digest in such a short time. For this reason, I recommend a review of the first three lessons.

You can access the entire course in order via this page:

Real Magic Lessons

You’ll get Lesson Four (if you’re subscribed) in three days. Some of the initial content will be reviewed in that upcoming lesson, plus we’ll go over the importance of magical protection.

Also check out my post 3 Step Process for Building Your Own Spells for a pretty good breakdown on how to arrange your workings into three easy stages. The creation of your own spells and charms is the best way to express your magical ability and imprint your art onto the world. The process discussed in this post is one of the easiest formulae I’ve seen and it’s designed to drive results.

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