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Real Magic: Lesson One
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Lesson Course on August 4, 2022 2 Comments
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IMPORTANT: Be sure to have your journal handy so you can make notes, pose questions, record synchronicities, etc.

Understanding the Magical State

understanding the magical state
Understanding the Magical State

For magic to operate correctly and flow properly, you must first induce within yourself or enter into an altered state of both consciousness and being. Your mind and your body must together arrive at the condition referred to throughout this course as The Magical State. If this doesn’t make sense to you, fear not, you’ll understand what I’m talking about by the end of this short lesson.

Interpretation of the Magician Tarot Card
Rough approximation of The Magician Tarot trump

Magic: What and How?

Magic is

…both an artform and a utilitarian philosophy. Like all art, it allows the expression of the artist’s creative taste, unconscious desires and fears, and vital energy or soul. As a utility for exploring a particular world view, it can be used to solve problems in various ways, assist others, mitigate suffering, obtain otherwise unavailable information, examine aspects of reality typically considered inaccessible, and more. Magic is able to function in these capacities by influencing causal, entropic, and systemic forces and affecting conscious, living, and inert matrices and energies, potentially doing so without the constraints of time and space. Some of the fields and processes magic interacts with are presently unknown to academic science, and many of the mechanisms in play within any magical framework are not currently understood by scientific models.

Magic is a Force and Phenomenon
Magic is a Force and Phenomenon

A Magician or Magic-user

… learns to apply his or her psychic makeup (attributes & abilities), psychological and physiological energies either directly to an operation with specific intent or to provoke natural and magical forces and direct these into such an operation. Magical operations are carried out simultaneously in this physical realm, on the mental plane, and in the subtle or unseen realm, which is variously referred to as the other world, the astral plane, the spirit realm, and so on.

The Magician
The Magician

Before Any Magic Can Be Enacted

The Magician Must Enter the Magical State
Enter the Magical State

Of course, in order to muster any magic with which to act, one must find himself or herself in a magical state. To be more precise, before you can act out any magic, you must enter the magical state of consciousness and being that is sometimes called gnosis, but that I refer to simply “the magical state” or M, for short.

Pay attention and make a note or two, for this is important:

You, the magician, will be the conduit for the magic you choose to perform and participate in. Whether you raise magic from within yourself (sometimes called psychism) or use crystals or spirit beings as an energy source, the actual programmed energy that will do your magical work upon the world must flow through you, and you will be like a pipe or hose that connects the unseen realms where magic originates with the material and mundane world where we live and have our physical being.

You are the Conduit Through which Your Magic Enters the World
You are the Conduit Through which Your Magic Enters the World

Furthermore, magical energies and forces require altered states of consciousness in order to move and function. In other words, states of mind and body that are above and beyond your typical day-to-day waking awareness will act as the carriers, or carrier waves if you prefer, of the magical energy, force, power, et al you use to fuel your operations. Clearly then, you must become adept at entering and sustaining the various altered states required for the different forms of magic you engage with.

The “baseline” or setpoint altered state is simply a more physically, mentally, and emotionally relaxed and aware state of being that is both receptive and conductive to subtle or unseen/unknown energies and which allows your mind, body, and subtle forms* to interact and communicate seamlessly. People often refer to this or similar states by saying things like “the mind and body are one”, or “mind & body act as one”.

The fundamental condition that I call M, or the magical state is easier for some people to get to than it is for them to understand it conceptually. For others, talk of this sort comes easily but the arrival at said condition is challenging.

Altered states of magical consciousness
Altered States of Magical Consciousness

There are many, many ways to enter M, and indeed sometimes this is done spontaneously without conscious effort on the part of the magician. Some such methods will come up later in this course, but I have posted a particularly straightforward and easy method, which I still use to this day, to help you learn to transition from normal waking awareness to magical consciousness within a few moments.

I want you to recognize that, while this and many other methods for entering M require some exchange of time, anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 or more minutes for example, it is also possible AND necessary that you develop the ability to enter a magical state immediately, in the blink of an eye and without delay. This capability will come with time and practice of methods like the one linked to this lesson.

CLICK THIS LINK to see my easy method for entering the magical state. Bookmark and refer back to this post often, until you know the simple procedure by heart and can enact it any time you like.

When you have taken the time to consume and digest this lesson, feel free to proceed right along to Lesson Two.

Take the Lesson One Quiz: (Optional)

#1. In order to conduct the proper energies for magical work, one must:

#2. Among other things, magic is:

#3. The magician uses his or her own psychic energy to perform magic, and/or:

#4. The magician is the conduit for magical and subtle energies that enter this world to work on his or her behalf.

#5. To succeed with magic you must learn to enter and sustain altered states of consciousness.

#6. To perform magic you must be born into a magical family or bloodline.


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