Real Magic Lesson Four PART TWO!

A Good Magic Spell or Magic Ritual for Beginners?

In yesterday’s lesson we covered (extensively?) the foundation and formula of a magical operation. Today we’ll walk through an operation or two aimed at getting you some affirmative magical results as quickly as possible.

These operations are structured in a very transparent manner so you can plainly see the workflow. This means you can use the formulae for creating your own operations with only a small amount of imagination and effort.

I can’t even tell you how many different ideas I went through as I drafted this lesson. What kind of operation might be best for a reader who is potentially brand new to magic? What manner of working can a new person actually perform and hope to get some real results?

First Experiences with Magic can be Very Different from Person to Person

There are many factors to consider when performing magic and evaluating the results. For some the arcane arts come naturally and changes to the world around them flow from their work with ease. Others find the whole process difficult and must reorder their thinking and emotional processes before they see a definite impact from their efforts. Still others may be amazed right away to find “it works”, only to be frustrated with subsequent operations where nothing seems to happen despite their honest efforts.

People’s initial experience with magic can vary greatly.

It’s easy enough to post spells and rituals etc. on the blog for anyone to come across. It is another matter entirely, I realized, to write what may very well be someone’s first time touching magic.

And that is what I want to help you do…

I Want You to Touch the Real Thing!

Then you can decide for yourself if magic is something you wish to pursue further. You won’t have to speculate as to whether or not there will be any payoff because you’ll know already the results are potentially very real. This decision can be reduced to a practical consideration of whether or not you are comfortable with the activity and are willing to put in the time required for serious study and practice.

Increasing Your Odds of Early Success

Perhaps the best advice I can give for improving your results in the beginning, which will make little sense to most but perfect sense to a few, is simply to forget about results to the best of your ability sand focus on learning techniques and internalizing concepts. the results WILL come with time if you remain focused and practice diligently plus often.

Check this article for some specific things you can do to improve you results in the near term.

Please read through the operation below at least once before working through it. You should always be prepared before you step onto the ritual floor or cast a spell. With enough experience you can do things on the fly if you like but certainly in the beginning it’s bad form to try and read and perform the operation simultaneously.

Today’s Magical Operation: Money Magic!

After changing my mind several times and writing out half a dozen different operations for your consideration I decided to clear the slate with the hour late and keep things super simple. That said let’s do an easy money spell that has served me quite well.

Money Booster, Version 1 (Solo Operation)
Category: Practical Magic
Methodology: Natural Magic
Type of Operation: Incantation
Difficulty: Beginner, Easy
Intent: Generate extra money or the equivalent thereof
Timing: Any time
Material Components: Wallet or purse
Green bandana or other thin cloth
Green paper or cardstock
Markers: green, gold, black
Cinnamon, 1 fat pinch
Nut Meg, 1 fat pinch
Rosemary, 1 or 2 tablespoons
Green aventurine, 1 piece
Moss agate or banded agate, 1
Lepidolite, 1 piece
Selenite, 1 piece
Green candle, 1
Small plate, lid, or incense tray

Now would be a great time to enter the magical state if you haven’t already done so. (I’ll tell you a secret – many of you entered the M. state without realizing it by simply reading my introduction to the current section of this post.) If you feel you need to adjust your consciousness to attain the magical state feel free to use this special sigil which I designed specifically to help readers attune to M. Of course, you may use whatever method you like, including the easy countdown technique from earlier in the course.

Preparation Work

In terms of physical preparation, you’ll use a marker to draw or sharp point such as a knife or sewing needle to carve appropriate symbols, words, etc. onto the green candle. Even ahead of this step you should set your intention to receive additional money in the near future.

Tell yourself firmly “I/You/We will soon enjoy more money than what we usually have at this time.” Make a little affirmation like “More money I see. More money for me!”

Or if you really want to be slick and throw some mojo-wood on the magic-fire say “Extry money times three I see flowing freely and easily to be with me!”

Repeat this affirmation and focus as if throwing the words into reality from a spot between and slightly above your eyes. Look for this spot and it will let you know where it is. This is your mind’s eye or third eye chakra and it wants to be found. It also aids focus and determination enormously. You might even tense your muscles at the words as you recite them, or at the place (manifest reality) where you are hurling the words and the intent behind them.

Marking the Candle

With marker or carving tool place a prominent dollar sign or the symbol for your preferred currency along the center of your green candle. As you make the mark fill the candle with your intent to have extra money.

Write the words “more money” and “thank you” on the candle. While you write raise the emotion of gratitude within you and let it flow into the candle from you. Really feel the excitement of knowing you’re about to have some extra loot, as who wouldn’t love that at the time of this blog post? Be so very thankful and beam the essence of your thanks into the candle.

lace any other symbols or words you like on the candle. Send your life energy through your eyes and hands into the candle, giving it plenty of power to work magically on your behalf.

Say boldly: “Spiritum Viventus Pecuniae Hoc Intrare Candelum”!

This means “spirit of money enter this candle” and it is pronounced as follows:

spirit-oom vie (like pie) -vent-us pay-koon-ee-ah-aye hoke in-tray-ree can-dell-um

With this command intend to push some part of the spirit of money into your candle. Spend a few moments staring into the candle and intending with all your will and might that both the spirit of money and the essence of the work it will perform for you be infused upon and into the molecules of the candle, to be released upon burning.

The candle corresponds to, or deliver to your operation, elemental Fire, which is power, transformation/creation, and quickening in this context. Fire of course also represents your will and its power to create or destroy.

The green represents money and prosperity directly of course, and brings the element of Earth with its abundant and stable nature.

A secondary correspondence set created with the candle through your preparation and the nature of this spell is the combination of Mercury as the power of transactor and transferer and financial windfall with the power of Venus as luck, good fortune, and prosperity.

Put the candle away until you are ready to carry out the operation.

Clarify Your Intention

So we begin with our intention, which inherently includes the belief that we deserve that which we desire. Also inherent within our intention is the expectation of success. Said aloud or written down this should look about like so…

I wish to have some sum of extra money, coming to me from new or unexpected sources or in additional measure through normal courses. It is right, is good that I should receive this.

Ratchet this up a little with a dose of magical Will to get:

I will soon receive money above and beyond what would otherwise be normal for my (week/month, etc.).

Sit with this for a moment. Remain totally calm and let it settle into you.

Relax completely.

Check yourself to see if you are still in a magical state of awareness. Do this often in the beginning. Your intuition will let you know either you are still attuned, or you need to re-adjust with a few cleansing breaths or rhythmic breathing, for example.

Let the tension go from your neck, shoulders, and hips. This too is a good regular check during meditation, ritual, etc.

Clearing Your Aura and Surroundings

Now, recalling the energy projection technique from earlier in this course, and point to the ground with your index finger. Draw an equal-armed cross on the floor or ground by sending your vital force through your finger and tracing the vertical bar first (top-to-bottom) and then the horizontal bar (left-to-right).

This is a simple banishing motion to clear psychic deberis and negative energies or influences. As you trace the cross, simultaneously visualize or imagine a cross forming in your body.

When you trace the top down bar on the floor, feel the vertical bar also form from the crown of your head to the energy center below your belly button. As you draw the left to right bar, feel the horizontal bar form from outside your left shoulder to outside your right shoulder.

Say out loud and with force: “Purifico! Exitium!

This will drive away or neutralize detrimental energies and will do so from your body and aura plus the surrounding area. It’s a great idea to execute some form of banishing or clearing at or near the start of anty magical operation.

Next, restate your intention with new conviction.

I will soon receive money above and beyond what would otherwise be normal for my (week/month, etc.). (Be thinking about a dollar (or other) amount.)

Know Your Correspondences

We’ll use a simple, natural magic approach for this spell, along with an incantation. Natural magic often does employ things such as herbs and stones, but this is not the distinguishing attribute of this kind of magic. What defines this and any other magical methodology are the technical procedures and formulas they employ. The technical approach of natural magic is a straightforward one:

  1. Know what you want to achieve.
  2. Choose correspondences.
  3. Perform the work.

Once you have an intention you begin adding correspondences, items and techniques that bring into your intent the energies you wish to attract and integrate. Once sufficient energy has been amassed, you “cast” your magic into the causal sphere/world/plane and allow the magical energies and your unconscious mind to do the rest, receiving your fulfilled desire in due time.

For correspondences, gather the following into your work area:

  • Green bandana
  • Green paper or card and markers
  • Green candle
  • Rosemary, cinnamon, and nutmeg
  • Green aventurine, agate of whatever kind, lepidolite, selenite

If you don’t have one or more of the stones above you may substitute any of the following:

  • Green jade or citrine for aventurine
  • any kind of agate will do
  • amethyst for lepidolite, or lapis lazuli
  • clear quartz or moonstone for selenite

If you must substitute do so and don’t fret it. However these stones have been chosen for a reason so at least try to gather them if you can.

The above list of correspondences align with the classical planets of Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and the Moon. The elementary correspondence theme is heavy on fire and earth. I’ll specify mot of this below bit I can’t drill down to every corresponding factor or this operational lesson will become tedious or bogged down.

A quick note on the elements of magic, as I’m sure there will be a know-it-all at some point who reads this and blasts my email with the rebuke of “Mercury is ruled by air (or water depending on your religious persuasion) and the Moon is ruled by water (or air depending on your religious persuasion). Right. So they are. Most spells, or anything else honestly, consist of ALL the classic elements in some combination. To avoid a lengthy sermon, I just focus on the prime drivers, so to speak, when presenting an operation here on the blog. Also I’m using elemental fractals for my figuring here and most other places, which we will cover at a later time…. probably; time will tell.

Perform the Work

Call up your primary statement of intention from above and with absolute confidence even if it has to be faked enter your workspace (Discussed previously as any area wherein you feel comfortable and will not be disturbed.)

Selenite in Hand

Take up your piece of selenite and shift your awareness to the moon in the night sky. Perhaps it will be available above at the time of your operation or you may have to recall her from memory and focus upon her in that way.

The Moon, or Luna, Selene, Hecate, etc. is of inherent importance to all magic. She is the portal to the other heavenly spheres and the harness for currents and emanations flowing into the material world from beyond. Indeed many of her personifications, such as Selene and Hecate, are tutelary deities who assist magicians in their studies.

Prior to conducting this (and other) magic you need to determine the moon phase for the day of the operation and the day or two following the work. In other words you must find where Luna/Selene is in her monthly cycle and where she is heading.

There are numerous moon phases as the “planet” (in the language of classical astrology and planetary magic) travels through her 28-day cycle from New Moon to Full Moon. These can be studied in time. The primary concern is which direction the lunar tides are flowing.

Waning tides, or decreasing, receding, etc. carry the Moon from her full face back through the phases of reduction and finally to the New Moon or Dark Moon. Magically speaking this wane is a period of lessening or diminishment, or work that reduces or takes away.

Waxing tides then, or increase, swell, etc. define the period between the New Moon and her return to the phase of Full Moon. This is the time for magic of enhancement, building, and expansion.

Many people think, because it’s what they have been told by everybody who writes or teaches magic, these lunar tides are a limitation and you can only do reductive magic on the wane or productive magic on the wax, etc. This is not the case. Some sources will even tell you to avoid working when the moon is “weak” or waning but I find this ridiculous.

The astute magician will understand the nuance of the lunar tides and how they may be applied in magical work. Take note of the following:

So here you are, selenite in hand focusing your attention upon either the Moon or the idea of her. You can face west if you like as this is the ceremonial direction attributed to the Lady of the Night Sky. After a moment of gentle concentration, and whether or not you feel any connection or tingling or any of that, say:

Matron of Magic and Mistress of Mystery

Lady Luna (or Moon, Selene, Hecate, Diana, etc. as you wish) hear me.

If the lunar cycle is waxing say:

Lend you power to mine and my magic refine, bless this work!

If the Moon is waning say:

Remove obstacles and impediments from my way, for as you decrease so will they!

If the Moon happens to be full well for you what a jewel. Say:

Share thy fullness with me

and I imbibe the greatness of thee!

Let the spirits and elements behold my triumph in its fullest measure,

and thank thee oh Goddess to hasten my treasure!

If the Moon happens to be New, again good for you. Say:

Oh lovely Maiden while thy face is hid

renew my magic as I place this bid.

I cast forth to bring new money to me

in currency, value, or opportunity.

With the blessing of the Lady secured, you proceed. all that is required for this “blessing” is purity of intention, meaning unwavering and single-minded devotion to your magical objective.

Light the Candle

Place your candle in a strong position and light it. Spend a moment reviving the intense feelings and intentions you projected when prepping the candle.

Immerse yourself wholly in those feelings and intentions, raise the intensity as much as you can, and then let go of the feeling-state, allowing the life you have given it to hold it upright while you concentrate on your work. Do not try to forget your goal, of course, just channel your focus upon it through the work I’ll describe next.

Here’s What Your Intention May Look Like as You Work
Maintain a relaxed level of excitement and enthusiasm, and occasionally visualize the scene you imagine to be that moment when you just received some extra money as the result of this magic. Put yourself in that reality and process the emotions of victory and gratitude, noticing the physical environment of your imagined setting in as much detail as possible. To put it more simply, imagine your spell has already succeeded and enjoy that moment of triumph!
This visualization/actualization process will be easy for some and very difficult for others, but it is an extremely important part of the magical process so take it seriously and commit to getting very good at putting yourself in that envisioned winner’s circle, so to speak.

Sprinkle and Burn the Rosemary

Sprinkle some of the rosemary onto the floor and any seats or tables you might use in your work area. Be fast and articulate. You’re an unstoppable Zig Ziglar closing sale after sale on a door-to-door route or a Loren Klein sweeping the tables like a force of destiny and making four consecutive poker championships look like a matter of course. Every toss or sprinkle shall feel at the end as if you are creating new money right then and there, so act with the conviction of a dart thrower who is nailing the bull’s eye with each motion. Burn a little of it as well in your plate or incense tray.

The herbs strewn about support the vibration you are creating with the spell and the smoke from the burning herbs joins the smoke and heat and light of the candle to create your magical hailing frequency and usher in helpful sprits and forces.

Rosemary aligns with many things and here we are applying it for the correspondence with Mercury, whose rule extends to the making of money along various avenues. He is profitable, fortunate, succinct and fast. Rosemary also brings an earthen solidity and plentitude to the speed and intelligence of air and flexibility of water, both latter being energetic signatures of Mercury. Finally, the Rosemary is yet another filter or purifier to remove detrimental energies, such as those released by negative thinking, as you work.

Affirm as Needed

Extry money times three I see flowing freely and easily to be with me!

Recite this magical affirmation as often as you like during this initial work period. It will come up again and with friends towards the end when it’s time for the incantation.

Cinnamon and Nutmeg

Put a pinch of cinnamon on your tongue and continue working.; Allow the spice to dissolve over time. Enjoy the taste and if you’re able enjoy the smell as well.

Cinnamon is linked to a particular path on the Tree of Life that joins the sphere ruled by the Moon and the sphere ruled by Mercury. The cosmic nature of this path is that of the Sun with Luna and Mercury in close proximity. The magic of this path, among other things, is the work of wealth creation. Here, with a simple spice, whether or not you know anything about the Tree of Life and whether you ever read the first book on Kabbalah, you are drawing the power of this path into your operation.

Might want to make a note on that last paragraph. There’s a great deal to be said for the underlying gnosis.

Open the green bandana and sprinkle some nutmeg onto it. This fiery correspondence to Jupiter brings good fortune of every kind and prosperity specifically.

Loading the Green Bandana

In addition to the nutmeg. place onto the green (for obvious reasons) cloth the green remaining gemstones, one at a time.

Green Aventurine represents more Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter and is especially tuned to good luck and the easy flow of money.

Agate This is a mineral of balance and harmony, bringing the polarities (such as male-female or yin-yang) of the user and the ritual into harmony. As Mercury it is also the great reconciler that works to make ends meet and transactions complete. If you used a Moss Agate then you bring an added layer of earthy-abundance and potent manifetstion magic to the fold (pun intended).

Lepidolite This potent mineral bears the grace of the benefactor or love of Jupiter. It is said that Lepidolite insists on being used for the highest good and using this piece in any ritual will usher forth energy that seeks the highest and best outcomes for your magic.

Fold the bandana towards you first, and then continue folding, twisting, or as you like to form a small envelope, pouch, or wad with the contents unable to fall out the sides.

Clasp this bundle in your receptive hand, meaning the hand opposite your writing hand. Keep ahold of it for the last two steps of the spell and imagine pulling energy from it and projecting that energy into your magic.

Green Paper with Markers

The green paper is both unlimited potential and the forces of cause and manifestation. The pen or marker is as your magic staff or wand. What you place upon this paper is your will to be done into reality.

Write your affirmation.

If you know the rune Fehu draw it in gold.

Finally, either reproduce the doodle below, which is a money sigil, or make your own mark. If you provide your own it should come from the heart or the gut and be a pure representation of your victory over money in the near term.

Fold the paper together towards you first, then continue folding until it is small enough to place in your wallet or purse. Carry it there and forget about it, and it will serve you even after the effects of this spell are finished.

Recite the Incantation

Now you have only to recite the incantation to punctuate the work and cast all the energy you have built up into the causal realm so it can begin the journey back to you as your desire manifested.

Repeat this in your own rhythm and with enthusiasm and great expectation, at least three times.

I do shake shake repeatedly and gratefully with glee the lovely money tree of good fortune and prosperity, that I WILL receive opportunity and synchronicity and above all most certainly: Extry money times three I see flowing freely and easily to be with me!

Bury the Bundle (Optional)

With the work done you have the option of burying the bandana and its contents in a spot that is meaningful to you. Do this as a blessing upon yourself and anyone who lives at a residence where you do the burying, for ongoing abundance.

Final Step: Forget

The work is done. You have done all you could do and now it’s time to let go and move on.

Get back to life while the powers of the causal plane and your unconscious mind work together to make your intent a reality. You have placed the fruit of your labor into the upper worlds of spirit and the aforementioned agents will walk it down through the planes back to this material world where it becomes manifest – As above, so below!

You have either done enough or you haven’t so there’s no need to worry. After every working of magic you must let go, forget and carry on.

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