Real Magic: Lesson 0.5

Why I Send so much Preliminary Content Before the First Lesson or “What’s with all this beating around the bush?”

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

I send all the prelim material because, in my own opinion, there’s a bunch of pre-requisite material a person needs to at least consider before there’s any legitimate possibility of understanding and applying magical concepts. In fact, I’m still going at this far too quickly and with too little initial discussion to do most people any good. I understand that people, especially in their web surfer uniforms, want the good stuff now, right away, and therefore I’m compromising a reasonable timeline and putting the info out fairly quickly.

I did take the time to cover, briefly, what personal attributes are well suited to the pursuit of magic, what material components one needs to get started, a brief explanation of magic, different classes and categories of magic, even took a modest look at magical initiation, and a few more odds & ends prior to Lesson One. Regarding the folks who got bored during this and flaked out, (I suspect that will be 80% or more of all who subscribe to this course.), let them quit, it’s “all good”.

Indeed, only a small percentage of the human population will take a second look at the topic of magic, and of those few the vast majority will drift away in the first six months, with many not making it through the first 90 days. Magic is hard; it’s a lot of work on many different levels.

Everyone does it in some way, at some point, and many people use something like magic on a regular basis, but it’s never actually called magic in most cases. Creating and altering reality is just a thing that seems to come natural to us human folk. When I say “magic is hard” I’m referring to the formal (or not so formal) study of specific arcane arts and the practice of methods with traditions that reach far back through time.

For those who don’t quit, and who practice diligently, and who get past that initial fear, or confusion, befuddlement, etc. of touching the real thing when it starts working in their lives, the rewards are great. If you’ve stayed this long and have actually read this, congratulations and by all means, help yourself to Lesson One of this course!

One Last Thing!

Be sure to have your journal handy as you go through these lessons. I really urge you to journal daily about your magical pursuit, posing questions, making notes, recording experiences, results, etc. Certainly, you should make journal notes about each lesson, and the more you jot down the better you will become as a magician – true story!

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