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Quickly Access Magical States of Consciousness with Anchoring Techniques
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Magical Preliminaries on June 19, 2023 0 Comments
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If there is one thing I have successfully harped on here, it is the need to enter a magical state of consciousness prior to attempting any magical work. By this I do not mean to refer to “magical thinking”, which is a term used by detractors to suggest wishful or unreasonable thought processes. I am instead referring to the flow-state or alpha brainwave state of body and mind a magician learns to enter so magical energies can be contacted and directed.

There are different states of magical consciousness and variant ways to arrive therein. On this blog I focus on the need to leave mundane, or day-to-day consciousness and access enhanced calm, a still mind, creative impulse, and receptivity – all likened to the flow state of the athlete or artist and the alpha brainwaves of neurology. I do this as a sort of catchall, or foundational teaching, and leave the specifics of variant states for the individual to discover.

I’ve been criticized for this, confronted with the idea that I should break down the different modes, if you will, of magical or altered consciousness. My response is a simple one: I can teach something or nothing, but I cannot teach everything.

Getting to Magical Consciousness

There are many ways to enter a magical consciousness. I’ve added one or two on this blog. A favorite that I haven’t listed prior to now is to simply progress through the vowel sounds used in so many esoteric operations, and then regress back through them.

This procedure goes something like this:

(Next to the indicated sound below, I have posted a common English word that duplicates the desired vowel sound.)

Ah  (ah)

Eh (yeah)

Ay (say)

Ee (feel)

Ow (off)

Yu (you)


and then back again:








To really empower this method, raise the pitch of each progressive vowel on the way up using the Do Re Mi song. In the same way, lower the pitch as you regress back down the vowel sounds.

Anchoring Technique for Easily Accessing Your Magical State

Hasta Mudra is the practice of using hand and finger gestures to channel specific energy currents into and within your body and aura. This wonderful practice has many benefits, and perhaps a post all about hand mudras is a worthy idea.

For now I wish only to cover the uses of certain hand mudras for anchoring certain states of consciousness.

General Flow State Anchoring

Once you have attained an altered state, or rather as you practice developing this skill, use the mudra or hand posture shown in the image above, called Gyan Mudra, to anchor this state into your being. Do this simply by making the hand posture while in a magical dtate and intending to connect the mudra with the state.

Hereafter any time you make the mudra, your mind and body will shift into the flow state or altered state of magical consciousness you were in when you performed the anchoring.

It really is that simple. It may or may not take soe practice and repetition to complete this anchoring. So be it; surely it’s worth a few tries to get something this valuable right.

I’ll update thi post soon with additional mudras used for variant states of consciousness.


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