Quick Spell for the Truth and Honesty

Here’s a great one for newcomers to experiment with and really get a feel for the power inherent in magical work. It’s furthermore a useful spell for magicians of any experience level.

While it is intended as a self-enchantment or magic you cast over yourself, I have heard of modified versions of this very incantation being applied to other persons with some interesting results.

I shall leave the latter for your imagination and mischief and provide here the spell for the former. Like all good truth spells this little diddy has a twofold function:

  1.  It will enable you to (usually immediately) recognize deception or dishonesty.
  2. It will prevent or at least make very difficult any dishonesty on your part.

Lie detector. Lie preventor.

Use any preparation you like and note this is of course the domain of Mercury, so any correspondences favoring that sphere may add value and potency here.

Place one dash of Rosemary atop your tongue and proclaim before swallowing the herb Truth reveal to me! Truth dwell within me! Swallow the Rosemary with a gulp and say So it shall be!

Recite this simple incantation eight times:

I recognize but do not tell lies.

My words need no disguise!

I know when one tries to deceive me.

But when I speak I do so honestly!

Repeat procedure as needed or desired but no more than once daily.

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