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Purpose, Meaning, and Cause of this Website & Course

I’ve noticed that intelligent folk spend a good deal of time talking about, and I suspect also much time pondering over, the cousin concepts of meaning and purpose. I say cousins because, despite a general willingness among the masses to use them interchangeably, the terms are not twins and they definitely don’t have identical definitions.

What a thing means and the purpose of a thing are distinct considerations. Neither the meaning or the purpose of a thing is absolutely or necessarily related to its cause.

I often hear the well-intentioned phrase “Everything happens for a reason.”, and it’s usually being offered to someone in a shit situation by someone else who is trying to make them feel better about said, shit situation. It’s a dumb comment to make really, unless you’re teaching a very young child about the nature of this life. What I mean is, of course things happen because they are caused to do so. And?

If I drop this glass of booze, it will shatter and get vodka everywhere. The drop, fall, and crash are all causes of the vodka on your pants leg and pooling into that low spot on the floor, but what of the meaning and purpose of all this spilled vodka? It doesn’t mean a damn thing, and its purpose is partially to demonstrate the jaded and cynical point I am here making; a case could be made that also wrapped up in the purpose of the spilled vodka is the unremarkable probability that I’m an asshole.

The universe really is an amazing event. Don’t moments like this just chill you and fill you with awe?

Me too. Great, so fuzzy bunnies and shit, let’s move along.

The Purpose of this Online Course on Magic

I admit it: the little lesson plan I’ve put together (originally for another site) is not the most comprehensive course online. It doesn’t cover every elementary base nor provide the user with an unshakeable foundation of fundamentals. For a truly exhaustive curriculum, at the level of collegiate degree study and requiring an investment of years to honestly complete and understand, check out Quareia.

What my course will give you, and I believe more effectively than most, is an almost immediate experience of subtle cause and effect, or applied magic, within the context of wherever and whatever you are at this time in your life.

This course is designed to get you up and running with basic magical concepts and methods, pretty much right away, so you can begin building your magical paradigm. Where you go with that is up to you and wide open. This is magical initiation, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Understand, however, that such a fast and loose approach to magical practice is inherently unsafe. If you choose to walk through this door I am holding open for you, do so with an awareness of your true intentions and a willingness to honestly and earnestly work to build your skills and discipline.

Coming at magic half-assed and reckless is a path to certain suffering. Those who don’t believe me will come to believe if they ignore the warning, but it may not matter by that point.

What About Meaning and Cause?

What about them? Time spent in the WordPress back office and acquisition of domain, hosting, etc. have caused this blog, and the site is in English, so it means what it says in any given section.

Oh, you mean the deep shit? Fair enough.

I am prompted, or caused, to do all this by:

  • Antaia, or she who encounters, to pass along to new magicians her good favor of finding me and getting me into this whole magic thing years ago.
  • My own higher self, or soul, which apparently has the purpose of sharing, disseminating, distributing, etc. information about magic to the other humans during this incarnation, perhaps as part of some wild idea about improving and empowering humanity, mitigating suffering at least to some degree, etc.

What does all this mean? You tell me:

Thanks for dropping by,and have a good one.

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