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Practical Definition of Magic
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Introduction to Magic, Magic in General on June 26, 2022 0 Comments
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I have static pages for what magic is in the broad sense, along with what magic isn’t, just to be thorough. I even have a sticky post entitled brief explanation of magic. These are all very short articles, and you probably should review them but for those who are only here for meat, with no time for sides, this post is really all you need.

Philosophy Aside, What is Magic as a Tool for You?

It’s very simple.

  • Aside from its noun classification as an unexplained force or phenomena
  • Beyond the verb usage of a practice relying upon the force & phenomenon, wherein a practitioner applies imagination and will to direct certain forces and obtain desired results .

As a utility in the hands of a magician, someone who understands at least the basic approaches and concepts involved, magic is an agent of influence applicable to any intention to cause change or to sustain a current state.

Once you take the first steps to becoming a magician, magic becomes a tool for changing things in yourself and the world around you or preserving things as they are in the face of forces that would alter them. To become a magician is not as dramatic a thing as you may think.

There’s no blood to drink, and no hanging yourself from a tree or fasting for days or whatever. All you need to do is begin to study the basics of magic from a place of sincerity and earnestness. Study and then practice regularly, as if approaching a new skill you wish to become good at.

Magic as a Skill and an Activity or Practice

/This brings us to magic as a skill set based on prerequisite learning of preliminary sets of skill. Magic as something you do is just that, a skillset, or a group of interrelated skills that depend upon, both in the learning thereof and the successful application later, additional skills and sets of skill that make possible and build the overarching skill and practice of magic.

I feel like I’m overcomplicating this. Let’s do a list format for clarity:

  • Magic is using the imagination, emotion, and will
    • to direct energies and forces of both understood (mundane) and mysterious (subtle or magical) nature
      • to affect change on reality or sustain some circumstance as it is
    • Applied magic consists of spellwork, sigil charging, talisman making, binding, warding, and various rituals or simple procedures aimed at a specific outcome.
      • In order to successfully apply the skills needed for magical operation (above) you need to develop precursor skills, to include grounding, centering, visualizing, vibrating sounds, various levels and types of focus, concentration.
        • It can and should be said that in order to get good at the prerequisite skills above, there are still “smaller” (not less valuable, just smaller on the scale we are here building) skills like meditation and raising of emotional energy that need to be undertaken.

Now then. (Wipes hands as if job well done. Wipes brow as if “Jesus, that wore me out.”)

I hope that at least begins to settle the matter of defining magic. Carry on and enjoy.

Check out this post on the attributes you need to study magic if you want to know more. Also if you haven’t already done so, why not enroll in the free email course on real magic?

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