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Tools Not Rules
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Magic in General on February 16, 2023 0 Comments
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I am an undisciplined plinker. You wouldn’t know this reading my books or posts, wherein I often come across like a stickler for the rules. I do tend to get hung up on procedure sometimes in my own work, which is counter to my view of magic primarily as my art.

It is what it is. I get in a tizzy like anyone else when I have too many things that (I think) need to be done, and at these times I can find myself running mechanically if I’m not mindful.

When this happens I remind myself of the truth, and I thought I should do the same for you.

Structure is very important when learning. I consider any effort to evade sound procedure and mechanics during the learning phase to be little more than a lack of discipline and commitment.

I get that most people are emotionally and psychologically lazy and too many people want to think they are the chosen one or similar bullshit, and insist they can just “have intention” and hold a rock to get whatever they want from reality. I understand many youngsters mistakenly assume mystical training is smoking a joint and yapping about how cool synchronicity is.

I get these things for sure. I just don’t respect them, at all.

Having said all that, what I really came here to say on this fine day is…

Once you’re in the act of actually making some magic, when you’re in there doing it, however that looks for you, as long as you have some basic knowledge or talent and are SERIOUSLY working, please…


All the stuff you have to learn in the beginning, from star forms to chanting, all the considerations like planetary hours, a person’s astrological chart, the elements in their course, correspondences, ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE TOOLS AND NOT RULES.

Use them as you can. Abuse them if needed and without mercy is best, for if you’re gonna do a thing you may as well REALLY do it!

Alter in the moment as you are led and try that thing you’ve never attempted before if it feels right. Hell, I waited too long to post and have lost some of what I wanted to say.

Guess I’ll close by repeating Tools not Rules and hope that hits the mark.

I know this will be woefully abused by some, perhaps many. To those with the discipline to really strive and practice and learn and love this thing we call magic I hope my little silly rhyming quip hits home and serves you.

If you’re in this thing for the long haul, really in it, I probably love you whether we ever meet or not. We probably know one-another from before this life or perhaps just on a deep subconscious level are aware of each other’s work in the continuum.


P.S. I reserve the right to also love some of the undisciplined hogs and plinkers among us, for I too am of their foundational material, simply reformed.

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