Online Course

Free Online Course on Esoteric and Practical Magic

Learn Magic Online Course

The easy to follow and beginner-friendly course on legitimate magic is totally free. There is no upgrade nor any money needed to access special benefits.

It simply is what it purports to be: a free and basic course to show you

  • what magic is
  • how it works
  • how you can begin to practice and get real results
  • basic spellwork and ritual,
  • how to apply the magic of talismans and symbols
  • plus more

At one time this was an email course I used to build my list. Ultimately I said “screw that” as the rewards were nominal for a lot of pain-in-the-ass on the front end. Know your limitations, and email marketing just is not a thing I’m likely to excel at.

Check out the first lesson now to get started.

Also, here is the category link for the “primer” or preliminary material that originally went out before the actual lessons.

You can access the complete mini-course category here.