Obsidian Vessel for Transfer of Spirit

As mover and shaker crystals go, Black Obsidian is one of my favorites. There are many attributes and uses that make this mineral a potent choice, but the focus of this post is one use in particular.

Most reputable crystal experts will list among the benefits for black obsidian something to the effect of:

Grounds the soul into the physical body.

Draws spiritual energy into daily life.

Brings into the body or to the moment subtle energies, causal forces, etc.

Pretty clearly then, we are told black obsidian is useful for conjuring or drawing to ourselves the unseen currents useful for magical or mystical pursuits. Solar or Soul essence, etheric alignment, astral or causal force, spirit – whatever terms you like let’s be clear that we are speaking of the fuel or processing power that drives the mechanics of our spells or ritual work.

With only a small amount of experimentation, you’ll find the lore rings true. Meditate with or simply hold a piece of the black glass-like mineral and focus your will, and you’ll feel the potent surge of subtle energy begin to take form. Shift from a general raising of energy to a specific, say an elemental current.

It’s a pleasant sensation to pull these pulses and streams of power into your focused awareness and bringing them deliberately into your body can be quite an ecstatic experience. I expect I don’t need to spell this out, but I will: obviously once you are in (temporary) possession of this field of raw and magical energy you may direct it into any magical project, idea, or simple intention you like.

Don’t take my word for it or just read this and think it’s a cool idea. DO IT! A little practice will go a long way, and it’s surprising how easy black obsidian can be used to harness spiritual content.

But this is only the beginning. The REALLY cool thing I’ve found with this crystal is…

You aren’t limited to drawing forces into your personal space or physical form. you can literally use a piece of obsidian (any color honestly but black seems best for this) to draw subtle energy or spiritual forces into anything you can point to or clearly envision. This could be another stone, a candle, a person, an area within a room, your car, someone else’s car, and on the list goes.

Try this right away. I’m telling you it’s awesome. You can either conjure the unseen force directly to the target, or transfer energy you have raised or drawn to yourself. This could be a game changer for practitioners who are struggling with consistent results as, in a real way, much of the processing that takes place after a ritual or other operation can be bypassed by placing a field of intent and spiritual force directly where you want it.

There is a lot to unpack from that last statement so I’m just going to set it down and walk away for the time being. Experiment and enjoy.

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