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Mercury the Reconciler of Contrast and Compliment
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Occult Philosophy & Magic Theory, Planetary Magic on April 15, 2022 0 Comments
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Mercury the Reconciler General, Appraiser, Intercessor, Intermediary, Adjudicator, Adjuster, Moderator!

Consider: Mercury is the sphere that governs not only transfer and transaction, i.e. “god of” merchants and thieves and gamblers, called by them to aid their endeavor but also appealed to by those who oppose and would foil a trader or crook or dicer.

Now contemplate the nature of the Agate to balance a body, space, or system, reconciling the masculine-feminine and bringing general harmony and – if possible – balance into the present circumstances or as directed by the attendant rock mage or crystal witch.

The agate being generally associated with Mercury I thought this example appropriate for attuning to our concept for this post. A great way to direct and apply the currents of Mercury, and a fundamental use I don’t see discussed enough, is to cast said power for the purpose of rectifying a problem or adjusting a mistake within your magical or mystical work.

Give this some consideration and play with the idea. Like any skill magic takes practice and of course prowess is built upon a foundation of failure and error. Like any other art magic might be stifled at the moment of release only to be adjusted later with a stroke of love or a molding of reconsideration.

An operation fallen astray or a spell that loses its way need not be marked out as a loss and crumpled in the ash tray. Sometimes this is true so forgetting and omitting is the thing to do but more often than we sometimes think our work is closer to the brink of brilliance if only we adjust or give a nudge or change a stroke and move a line. We simply must remain willing and keep an open mind and sometimes it’s quite appropriate to summon that which can acquit and redefine.

[Example: A sigil or its maker has failed to connect the purpose and Will for which it was made. Before discarding and trying again a simple, off-the-cuff Mercurian ritual may be applied to “reconfigure” the subtle forces and magical connections of the sigil and the operation as a whole.]

Original file with audio too much for wimpy blog…

A process as simple as dragging the sigil over the flame of a candle prepared and burned for Mercury, representing the purifying flame between our mundane world and “the House of Spells” on the Astral Plane, or cleansing the sigil in the smoke of burning Rosemary (corresponds to Mercury) could be the basis of a reconciliation spell that sets your magic back on track towards your initial goal.

I hope you’ll give it a try or at least contemplate and store in your repertoire for later experimentation.

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