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Magical Rocks 101: Overview & How-to for Crystal and Gemstone Magic
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Crystal & Gemstone Magic on January 30, 2022 One Comment
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Everybody has a pocket full of magic rocks these days, but how do you actually use them in your daily life?

The crystal awakening, gemstone revival, whatever you’d like to call it, has been in full swing for decades now with no sign of losing momentum. Everyone seems to be hip to the “power” of stones and crystals these days.

Along with wand craft, crystal and gemstone magic is my go-to method. (I like to say I’m a sticks & stones kind of magician, in a way.) I completely get the appeal of these groovy little rocks and clusters of minerals. It’s just a very intuitive way to tap directly into the Earth and her elements, as well as the magical record contained in both the collective unconscious and the akashic record, or ether if you prefer.

I also believe the popularity of magic rocks is tied to the apparent ease of the matter. Buy a few rocks, now you’re a damn magician; easy peazy.

Is that true? Does toting a handful of semi-precious minerals around with you everywhere actually constitute magic? Or, is there a little more to the whole game of stones than what gets covered in those mile-long articles proclaiming the endless benefits and attributes of this crystal or that gemstone?

What Exactly Should You be DOING with All Those Stones?

Great question. I’m so glad you asked, in fact I was about to bring it up myself I guess I just didn’t want to come across like a know-it-all.


First of all, let me say there definitely IS benefit to merely carrying a rock or two, or keeping stones/crystals in your meditation space, etc. just as there is certainly an upside to wearing a good pair of shoes that support your lower back or dressing in colors that trigger positive processes in your subconscious. You can derive energetic benefit from the presence of the crystals, plus the knowledge that you have them with you can itself be a catalyst for productive states of mind, positive feelings, and so forth.

Having said this, my experience leads me to say active methodologies are by far the more effective way to drive the desired results. Maybe it’s because I’m a technician in all that I do. I’m a details-oriented, this-method-for-that-outcome, endlessly experimenting nerd, and below are some of my findings from “nerding out” on crystals and gemstones over the past several years.

Finding Your Receptive and Projective Hands

DISCLAIMER: This article runs through a fair bit of what some people call (and I hate this term) “energy work”. I discuss the sensing and moving of subtle, unseen energies at various points within the content. If you are not (yet) someone who is sensitive to these flows and forces do not be deterred or dissuaded please! Just apply some imagination and follow along. With time and practice you WILL become sensitive to these energies.

The vehicle in which you have your being, including the physical body, is a matrix, or series of energy fields which I call the Personal Energy Matrix (PEM hereafter). Magnetism is among the multiple forces hosted by this matrix and channeled via your physical form. Like any other magnet, including the Earth’s body, your magnetic field operates through a polar system of positive and negative, also called North and South, poles. The depth of this is a subject for another post. I mention this here to give you a conceptual grasp of how fundamental, indeed profound, are the mechanics involved with connecting to your crystals or stones.

In accordance with the magnetic poles of your PEM, your arms/hands manifest a harmonious or complementary disposition of one receptive (receiving, drawing into, yielding) and one projective (sending, pushing away, overpowering). This model obviously rests on two hands. If you have a third hand, I suspect it will lean one way or the other, unless it is able to tap into both polarities. In the event you have but one hand, you will need to develop both the receptive and projective channels within this single limb. For most of us, the projective hand is the one we primarily write with., and the hand opposite to this is our receptive.

While a good standard rule, this is not iron-clad. Many left-handed people have ambidextrous tendencies and a small percentage of folks are actually born ambidextrous. In these cases some experimentation must be done to determine the projective-receptive configuration, and on rare occasion it turns out that a person can send or receive perfectly with either or both hands.,

Determine the polarity of your hands asap, as this will be in constant play if crystals and stones are going to be involved in your magic.

Linking and Charging

I’m skipping, as initial steps, any instructions regarding telling your crystal you love it, or allowing it to bask overnight in the moonlight, or chanting some candy-ass “only for the highest good and to tickle little fairy giggles and blah blah barf”. Judy Hall has plenty of content online to cover such basics as clearing, charging (different from the instructions on this page), etc. for new crystals and stones before putting them to work,

I personally use running tap water and a quick “I cleanse you.” to prepare a rock I’ve just brought home from the metaphysical shop. For rocks like calcite, chrysocolla, and others that won’t tolerate water (i.e., they crumble away) I’ll use incense smoke or a dowsing pendulum for the quick cleaning.

Linking with Your Minerals

Spend a moment with any crystal or gemstone you’re planning to work with. Pick the specimen up with your receptive hand, allowing it to rest in or cover the recess in the middle of your palm. Let energy flow from the rock into your hand. Feel, watch, and be with this energy, letting it do as it will.

At some point take charge of the flow and pull a steady stream of the essence of your crystal or stone into yourself. (That’s what the flowing energy is; the ESSENCE of the piece.) Project part of your consciousness into the center of the crystal or stone (ok this is getting lame and clunky… henceforth c/gs means crystal or gemstone. Roger that?) and intend to blend your subtle energy with the piece you’re holding. Spend a few seconds to several minutes, or even an afternoon if the work to be is immensely important, and create that unbreakable link between the c/gs and yourself.

Charging Your Minerals for Best Performance

Next, take the stone into your projective hand, settling it into the recess in the center of the palm. Reach your energy deep into the piece, getting a strong and comfortable hold. Just be with your mineral for a moment, expressing both gratitude and authority.

You are thankful to have this wonderful, magical too in your possession. Express this humbly and openly via the energetic connection you have made. Simultaneously – for remember the c/gs is in YOUR POSSESSION – claim the authority to wield, direct, and command the mineral’s attributes as you see fit.

There need be no struggle of wills here. Perhaps it is true, as some say, that a spirit resides within each crystal, or each rock and stone. I am an animist, so this isn’t a wide pitch for me. If this is true, know that you are helping the spirit fulfill its purpose of service. You should notice a sensation I’ll call liberation, a mildly celebratory pulse within the greater oscillation of the joined forces, your PEM and the matrix of the c/gs.

Focus on the quality or attribute for which you chose this specimen. For example, it might be Black Tourmaline you will use to ground your chakra system into the forces offered by the Planet Saturn, or Blue Apatite you chose for its properties of manifestation, as it “occupies the space between thought and the physically manifest” (ala Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible), Whatever the case, focus on the attribute and, using intuition and visualization, take hold if this benefit as you might grip the hilt of a sword or the handle of a power tool (drill, jigsaw, et al).

Activate this specific attribute of your c/gs by intending it to be. Softly yet vividly imagine putting the power at hand (literally) to use in some example scenario. Give your specimen permission to become utterly amazing in your grip. Play with this a bit, until you have a sense of confidence in your ability to use the mineral in accordance with the work you Will to do.

When you are satisfied with both the quality of the link you have created and the utility of the charge you have invested within the mineral, place it either into your pocket or into a small bag of crystals and stones that you’ll be carrying. For NOW it is ready to be toted from place to place with you, because it’s ready to be USED in magical works.

I Call this Active Carrying

Can you see how Active Carrying is vastly different from the passively carrying of minerals? It’s almost like taking a measured, proactive position instead of a “
hope for the best” approach, isn’t it? Why rely on soft and squishy hope when there’s the sharp and solid alternative of Will?

It’s of course a good idea to take the crystal out of your pocket or bag periodically to “rehandle it”. In this way you are getting to know the piece and reaffirming the link and charge you have set. However, it is not necessary to undergo the initial process in its fullness each day you carry that particular piece. You certainly can if you like, or if you feel you need it, but once the linking and charging have been done a single time your stone will never again require this of you.

You Have Created a Telepathic Link Through which to Send Mental Commands

With this focus and preparation in place, you can actually engage or “trigger” your c/gs while it rests in your pocket, beltpouch, purse, etc. It might take you a while to feel comfortable with this idea, and that’s cool. I enjoy the tactile sensation of gripping or running my fingers along the surface of my c/gs and often take them from their pouch to play with them while I work. I realize, however, and I want you to realize as well, the stones do not have to be in my hand in order for them to enact their magical duties.

What you have here is a telepathic link with either the energy matrix of your stone or with the spirit living in and governing the stone. Treat it as such, communicating non-verbally with the c/gs, to include “listening” for return impulses and guidance.

Yes, believe me when I tell you I know full well how preposterous this must sound. Part of me feels a damn fool as I sit here typing this material. I almost edited or even deleted the entire post, but why? My goal for this blog is to genuinely SHARE of myself with like-minded practitioners and those who seek the wisdom of Arcana. I can’t very well succeed with that if I hold back what would sound silly to the uninitiated.

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