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Magical Invocation of Crystal or GemStone Properties
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Crystal & Gemstone Magic, Spells for Beginners on October 29, 2022 0 Comments
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Carry a Gemstone’s Power without the Physical Stone

You don’t need to physically possess a stone to harness its properties

Crystals and gemstones (hereafter cgs) can be found for every magical purpose imaginable. While these are among my favorite magical resources, I avoid the trap of carrying too many.

A pound of rocks in each pocket is not magic, but neurosis. You’ll clutter your mind and befuddle your subtle vibration before you accomplish anything worthwhile.

With limited space for toting crystals and such with you through the day, you’ll be pleased to know that you can harness the benefits of your magic minerals while leaving them at home. Consider the following, which we know from experience to be true:

  1. Stones and crystals usually (perhaps not always) activate energies latent within us rather than giving us entirely new capabilities.
  2. Stones and crystals carried and used actively over time will instill within the user the abilities transferred through use as long-term artifacts of said use.

Point #1 is true most of the time at least, if not always. Point #2, in my experience, is always the net result of repeated use of any mineral. Therefore, we have a sound premise for the notion that any property a stone (crystal, etc.) conveys can possibly be present without the stone.

Use of crystal towers, placed on altars or in other special places, can set up an antenna or transmitter function whereby you may tap into crystals set in the tower’s proximity, no matter where you are physically. This presumably operates via the etheric or astral principle, or both. After more experimentation I’ll eventually post about this practice.

In this post I’ll cover, quickly and easily, how simple magical invocation can allow you to leave a mineral at home while taking its properties and benefits, i.e. its magic, with you out the door for the day.

What is Magical Invocation

Invocation, in common usage may mean to act in the name of, or to call on the name of some creature or ideal. This is sometimes the case for this word’s use in magic, but more often in magical context when we invoke, we are bringing in to our being some property or properties of an outside force, power, or energy.

The most frequent use of magical invocation, at least if popular literature is to be the guide, is for drawing in aspects of spirits, elements, angels, or deities during ritual or spell work. In this manner, magicians may bring emphasis and authority to their work, for instance by invoking or absorbing the essence of an elemental king in order to more fully command the corresponding magical element.

How We May Easily Invoke the Magic of any Stone or Crystal

First, let me clarify,

You can use this approach to:

  • invoke one or more properties of any cgs
    • this could be a specific individual piece
    • or you may invoke qualities of a type of mineral, generally
  • invoke the spirit of a cgs
    • meaning the resident entity of one particular piece
    • or the custodial/ruling spirit of a class or type of mineral

So basically, you’ll be bringing into your person some aspect or power, or a specific spirit, and doing so from either a unique specimen (of amethyst for example) or from the entire quantity of some type of mineral (all the amethyst, then).

All things invoked will naturally fade away with time. This may mean once you sleep, or after a few hours, or it could take days for an effect to fade. It is advisable to “manually” banish or remove that which is invoked when your purpose has been served or you need the rest, rather than allowing any influence to just li9nger on as it will.

Methods for Invocation of Crystals/Stones

Hold the target mineral in hand or place it before you as a focal point. Or, if targeting a whole class of cgs, maybe you prefer to visualize a large field of stones or whatnot.

The easiest techniques for invocation of this kind are the pentagram, which represents you, the magician, and the equal-armed cross (Cross of Truth) which represents the four magical elements of nature and spirit. Obviously, the invoking pentagram of earth works well, but you may use any elemental pentagram that corresponds to the properties of the stone you will invoke. The best cross form (my opinion) is the “enter, blessed energy” stroke pattern of top-bottom then right-left (see below).

The Pentagram

Trace in the air or draw on paper the invoking pentagram of earth from the top point down to the lower left point and follow the line to form the pentagram until you arrive back at the starting point.

Invoking pentagram of earth
Cross of Truth

For the equal-armed cross, as mentioned, first draw the vertical shaft top to bottom, and then the horizontal bar from right to left.

With either symbol take your time and imagine that which you invoke being pulled into your aura, then your chakras and your physical form (or whatever arrangement you find appropriate). Verbally or mentally command this to occur, i.e. “Purple stone I invoke thee, now share your X with me!:”

Afterwards proceed with your day and put your invocation to work by drawing on the properties brought in as needed.

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