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Magical Initiation: Two Most Important Areas of Practice for Beginners
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Introduction to Magic, Magical Initiation on April 14, 2023 0 Comments
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This post has to be quick due to mundane affairs I’m in the midst of but it will mark the start of a conversation, albeit one-sided for the most part, of an ongoing nature. Meaning I will make a few proper posts on this point when time allows.

If I had a time machine or could otherwise communicate with younger me, what would I tell him regarding how to get the best possible start as a practicing magician? The answer is simple and based on considerable pain and aggravation I’d love to have avoided.

Above All Else the New Practicing Magician or Mystic Should Focus Upon…

  • Magical Protection and
    • Spiritual Guidance.

Take these two aspects of the magic arts seriously and you will save yourself a ton of headache and find it much easier to focus on skill and knowledge building. Allow me to clarify precisely what I mean by the above checkpoints.

Magical Protection in Around 150 Words

I’m talking about the basics of sealing and protecting your aura from disruptive energies and problematic entities, along with the regular practice of clearing the living and work areas of the undesired energy and psychic debris.

The most basic method to begin with is the Auric Shield or Sphere/Egg of Light. All you do is practice imagining brilliant, white light flowing into the top of your head to fill your body and spread out to encompass your entire aura. Visualize this for a few minutes at a time each day, starting soon after you get out of bed.

In time you will begin to feel the energy you are conjuring, because that’s what you are actually doing – CONJURING SUBTLE ENERGY INTO YOUR PRESENCE and charging it with protective intention. One belief that I am open to is that spirit helpers such as guides will assist you in this once you begin practicing diligently.

This is a good start and you can find many other protective measures online, including this mini-guide by our student Bean Sprout.

Spiritual Guidance in Around 30 Seconds (to read)

Spirit guides or other (trustworthy) entities you can summon or communicate with can be invaluable for their help discerning and navigating the way forward as you develop your magical skills and understanding. It’s actually hard for me to say “spiritual entity” and “trustworthy” in the same sentence, but I admit there appear to be a few such beings here and there.

Ironically the main value in these beings is their help in avoiding deception and trickery at the hands of their fellow spirits.

If you don’t have a clear connection to your spirit guides, I recommend contact with Zodiacal angels as a safe starting point. These beings have a vested interest in assisting the children of the astrological houses they represent, and so by making contact with angels associated with your Rising Sign, Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and even Cusp Sign, you can be reasonably assured that you won’t get arbitrarily screwed over.

Click here to get the lowdown on how you can connect with your Zodiac Angels.

That’s a Wrap for Now

As I said I’ll come back to this issue very soon, but I hope this helps a surfer or two in the meantime.

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