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Magic with Mercury Mind of the ALL
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Planetary Magic on November 27, 2022 0 Comments
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Easy Daily Spell (or Prayer) to Align with the Currents of Mercury

Readers may want to check my disclaimer page for Planetary Magic and Astrology in general, I’ll add this simple preface for those lazy souls, or perhaps just those in a hurry, who won’t click the above link:

I don’t know if I’m talking about Mercury orbiting the sun in space or a type of natural and cosmic energy (power, more accurately) the ancients referred to by the same name. This actually matters very little, and I only include it to placate the nerds, or perhaps because I am myself a great nerd.

Mercury Sphere of Mind









Mercury is the power, or dynamic and collected energy, which could be summarized with the word “mind”, in the context of an intelligent universe. By intelligent universe, I simply mean order of expression coupled with an apparent physical reality (whether or not dependent upon additional realms of a non-physical or superphysical nature) that, at the fundamental level, is able to learn and adapt from that learning.

Put even more simply, our natural (earthbound) and cosmic (space and beyond) environment demonstrates both remarkable, predictable order and an ability to respond dynamically to stimuli or to alter its response to stimuli based on prior stimulation. This is, in essence, to learn.

  •  The nature and structure of DNA , crystalline forms such as quartz, and the water cycle of our planet are overt and undeniable demonstrations of sublime order made manifest.
  • Your digestive system learns from personal experience and may not tolerate certain foods at all “for your own good” or may become more adept at dealing with foods that initially had undesirable side effects.
  • The geography of a planet’s crust is formed by calamity and destruction, ending in a pristine order that encompasses every process from erosion and eventual reformation thereby to the myriad ecosystems that develop, sustain, evolve, or collapse into the gradual emergence of new ecosystems resulting from the demise of the former. 
  • The evolution of life on Earth over these four and a half billion or so years is easily the most stunning and magnificent display of nature’s learning curve that is currently known to our species.

Is it any wonder the ancients believed a great and unified Mind pervades all of reality, with the Spirit of this mind moving on, within, and through all things whether animal, vegetable, mineral, space, or spirit?  An intelligent Nature or Universe, the great All Mind was common stock among the largely animist – everything is alive and has a spirit – cultures of centuries past.

Though admittedly the term All Mind may be itself a modern invention. 
One of the first appearances in literature I am aware of is the Kybalion, 
an originally mysterious text allegedly written by three anonymous initiates
of Hermeticism but actually penned by a turn-of-the-20th-centurty New Thought
philosopher named William Walker Atkinson.

On this point, Mercury is seen as, among other things, the active principle in the intelligence of the universe itself. The mind of the All Mind is one moniker for this planet or sphere of power. 

Clearly. then, Mercury would be the planet associated with human intellect, learning, and all activities of the higher mind of the human being. Communication, writing, mathematics, indeed letters and numbers themselves, gambling (part of the magic of numbers) transactions of a mercantile or clandestine nature (perhaps ironically merchants and thieves had Mercury as a patron deity), medicine and its seemingly miraculous healing, miracles and magic, in general, all fell within the purview of gods such as Hermes, Thoth, Nebo, and goddesses like Hecate and Circe.

You’ll note that Mercury was, unlike many other gods and goddesses, considered androgynous, or both make and female in nature. This is a rather sophisticated departure from the “neither” trend of today, following instead the robust potential of “both”. Hence both Hermese and Hecate, for example, are seen to share Mercurian traits such as magic, poetry, and the role of psychopomp, or being responsible for guiding the souls of the dead into the afterworld.

If this latter role, that of guide to the dead, seems a departure from the previously outlined Mercurian themes, consider the following:

  1. The transfer of the consciousness to another realm, even after physical death, is a pristine example of Mercury’s commitment to the mind of humanity and the All Mind.
  2. This is also communication at the level of essence; the greeting and orienting, if you will, of the newly departed prior to their journey with the boatman. As messengers of the gods, Hermes and Thoth represent not diligent and quick couriers, for this is metaphor, but the actual communication between the gods, or laws of nature, and between divinity and mortals. Thoth was the speech of the creator, the literal WORD of the divine that spoke the universe into existence. Mercury represented the unfolding of reality, which continues after this life, so it is quite fitting he or she (Hermes, Hecate, others) be represented in the story of that process.
  3. Travel is another of Mercury’s influences or correlations. The afterlife represents something of the ultimate trip, it is fair to say. To why the mind of minds caught this department, it could be the association of travel and learning with the philosophers of old, and also likely deals with the element of air which corresponds to both mind and movement, especially large movements, of which travel would be an example.
In addition to all this, Mercury is also variously known as the locksmith, key maker, or opener of every way, every door, etc. This is an homage to the solving of mysteries and ingenuity in general.
So that’s about as much as Mercury as I’ll unpack with you today. Let’s get on to the magic mentioned in the post title.
This is a simple incantation or set of words you can chant, sing, or otherwise proclaim once you are in a sufficiently magical state for your personal preference. If you don’t know what I mean by magical state, you can check this article for a breakdown. I really just mean a state of mind or altered consciousness suitable for the transfer of magical energies. If nothing else, meditate for 10 minutes prior to casting the spell below.
A feather to meditate upon before releasing to the wind.
A favorite riddle to warm up the mind.
Anything orange, like clothing or a cloth/tapestry laid before you and focused upon.
A candle (orange or other) to burn as an invitation for Mercurial energies.
Can be done whenever, but Wednesday is a great day because it is ruled by Mercury. Any planetary hour of Mercury on any other day is also potent.
Dwell on what you know about Mercury and imagine the unseen energy of this power rising up within and around you. Feel it spark and grow as your mind alertly ponders this or that, especially if any new ideas enter the space. Breathe deeply the air, for elemental air is an important energy to this sphere.
When ready, recite these words. Do so with enthusiasm and believe what you ask or call for will come to you. It’s best to read and either memorize or at least familiarize yourself with the words and their flow.
Swift and splendid Mercury 
bring me mental clarity
and enhance my memory.
Place thy magic into my mind 
counsel me that I will find
answers to infinity, divinity, 
and destiny
to what extent a mortal man
can know these things and understand.
Lend to me focus and concentration 
sharp and strong as steel.
Teach me magic and how to heal.
Help me find and close the deal.
Open the way before me.
unlock the doors to opportunity
and reveal
the mystery of life to me
Holy Mercury!

You can run this daily and I urge you to do so at least for a period of weeks. It’s also groovy if you want to alter or adapt the above however you wish.

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