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Magic Spell for Wisdom to Rule
Calling on the Favor of the All Father for Wisdom and Authority over the Rule of your Own Life
By rockhouse wizard Posted in Magic Spells on August 18, 2023 0 Comments
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This is a good spell for Thursday, especially at sunrise or the eight planetary hour of the day. It can also be used to great effect on any other day, upon the hour of Jupiter.

Colors of deep or royal blue and medium to dark purple will help cast the mood.

Aromas of Cedar, Juniper, Birch or Willow bark, and Sage will do nicely.

Ideally you’d cast from within a magic circle and make use of your planetary hexagram methods. If not these procedures, whatever you prefer to use for calling upon the planet or sphere of Jupiter, and/or the divine father, sky father, or all father deities, or any kingly divinity or archetype you wish.

Once the spirits and forces are channeled properly, your incantation is a simple one. With sincere yearning or need for this aid and heartfelt faith in the power you call plus a little confidence in your own magic, petition as follows:

Call out to…

Jupiter! [Father, Lord, King, etc.]

or perhaps by name: EL, ODIN, ABA, MARDUK, etc.

Or using words of power:


Main incantation/petition:

Grant me wisdom to rule!

Counsel and tools.

Give me Authority and

Right to rule Gracefully!

Exile the fool and

Set me to rule

All goings and doings of my own life!

Blessed with thy sublime order and

Seated above all challenge and strife!

To every extent that a mortal man/woman can


Wield as thy scepter mine own hand!

It is the righteous order of the Father and sky

and Wisdom and Benefit bestowed from on high.

This life, day-to-day and overall to be ruled by I!

This magic favors Lapis Lazuli as an excellent stone of authority and wisdom. Add Dumortierite to bring enhanced order and clarity of vision.

The sacred mark Raidho and the Rune of the same name are also movers and shakers and changers of this game.

Order this magic to work upon your life for the benefit of your soul and the blessing of any who rely on your leadership in this world.

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